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Myspace relaunch

It is a sad affair that myspace’s popularity declined. It was the original cool social network to join. Apparently Tom, it’s founder, wanted to keep things the same and had a lot of integrity which was obviously short-sighted at the time. You can not be so principled and steadfast in the online arena especially when the next big thing could be only round the corner. New features/sites are borne daily so you must be ahead of the game and be flexible.

Myspace losses quarter on quarter have increased from $136m in 2009 to $174m this year. The relaunch is trying to claw back some of this loss but if this relaunch is not a success then they will have to consider selling, but at what price?

Myspace started up in 2003 and its popularity peaked in 2007, two years after News Corp bought it, with over 100 million users. Obviously this looked like a sure thing but it was not long living.

So the new My_ site, now how the logo will appear, will be totally redesigned.

“Everything from MySpace – from the layout and design, to the colour scheme, and even our logo – has been remade to deliver the best social entertainment experiences.”

Myspace is where it started so it is your duty to at least give it a look. That’s if you can remember your log in details!

New Myspace!


Sharing personal information – the next step!

    Launched in October 2009 the site asks it’s members to announce when, where and in which position they have just had sex in.

    At the last count there had been 138,960 declarations of love on the ‘Love Counter’.

    The site essentially uses google maps to plot love making around the world. They pictorially help their members to plot their love making, even asking whether it was indoors or outdoors.

    There is a forum on the site listing topics such as flirting, sex problems, fetishes and other topics of that general ilk.

    Their logo consists of a blue and a pink bunny having sex however you can choose to plot gay, lesbian or hetrosexual sex on the love map.

    You can also find them on twitter and can get apps for the iphone and for android.

    Do you dare to share? Oo er missus!

The Social Network – The Movie!

Has the world gone mad or is it true that they really are making a movie about Facebook? Yes, it’s true. Well whether this is wrong or right, entertaining or not, you can not deny that the Facebook story is quite unbelievable.

I think a lot of people know the story of how Facebook came to be. However, if not then on October 15th 2010 you can watch the 120 minute feature length film which delves into the rise of Facebook, the phenomenon! (said with Hollywood-style gusto).

It tells of the alleged back-stabbing and shenanigans going on surrounding Zuckerberg and his associates. (I think that sounds like there is potential for scandal which is always exciting.)

Facebook has changed the way we communicate with people from all over the world and is life changing and enhancing to many. It will go down in history but let’s see if this film will?

A social networking TV reality show

After Pop Idol and So you Think you can dance, Simon Fuller is on for another TV reality show and quite an ambitious one. This time entertainment impresario Simon Fuller produced a social networking TV reality show.

At first it seems like an ordinary TV reality show, five random people aspiring to be stars will be tracked and filmed 24/7 in a Hollywood house. There will be weekly episodes shown on starting tomorrow.
The social network aspect comes into it’s own as it will be streamed live at giving followers the chance to win a place on the show via a public vote and an open worldwide audition.
The audition is not all part of the social networking strategy, the concept is meant to become a blogging mainstay, disseminated trough Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and uploaded on mobiles.
The show will attempt to be fully interactive by allowing participants to communicate and make decisions with the audience.

‘If I can dream’ is the first reality TV show to hit the social networking era.
By doing that, Simon’s goal is to show the truth to the public by pushing the boundaries of mainstream entertainment. But is it really possible to tell the truth from a TV reality show? Only time will tell us if Cowell’s vision was good!

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