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‘The Big Society’ network

I-nfluence, a digital company based in London just launched the new site for the conservative party funded campaign. The site is called The Big Society. The Big Society network is launched.

If you wish you can follow the party on Twitter, on Facebook as well and of course register on the site to access all of the news, but also share your ideas, your insights on the blog.
To get all the information you want, just click here.


HubPages launches Real-Time Content Feeds

Do you know HubPages?
It’s a content community based around topics. It’s just like any web site with forums, articles, insight, advice and information.
Well this week they added a new real-time feature.
Now the site lets anyone create “Hubs” around any type of topic, and divided content into forums, questions and answers.
The new feed makes it more easy to read all components of a particular hub or topic, where you can comment, ask and answer questions and participate in forums.
The founder of HubPages, Paul Edmondson says that the new feed hopes to make Hubs a “living, breathing piece of content” !
Maybe you’ve never heard about this site but it is actually growing. They had 20 million visitors in November and growing 112 percent in traffic over the past year.
Aren’t you curious to see what it’s like?

Youtube and Universal launching a new music video website

Tonight’s the night to be in New York City !!!
Big launching party for youtube.
Tonight Youtube and Universal are launching their music video website in partnership with VEVO.
It turns out that some 85% of the music videos that are on YouTube will be hosted via VEVO. Sadly, for all the cinematography fans, VEVO will not be launching with HD video, that will be coming next year.
The service, to build buzz will be launching with exclusives from 50 Cent, and Mariah Carey. VEVO will be fully built into YouTube, so that when you search for an artist on YouTube, VEVO content will appear.
For now this new YouTube-powered website dedicated to music videos will only be in the US, but be patient it should arrive in the UK soon !!!

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