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Happy New Year – Paul Hardcastle

Happy New Year to you all. I hope everyone had a good break and didn’t eat too much! ha-ha!

2010 is definitely going to be a busy year, there is so much I have planned. I’m currently snowed in which has meant I’ve barely left the studio……no change there then ha-ha!

As a special new year treat here’s a taster of the new Jazzmasters 6. I’d love to hear what you all think.

I wish you all a prosperous 2010.



Paul Hardcastle gets festive with his latest blog

With the festive season fast approaching I thought it was time to try my hand at a Christmas song and not just another one of those festive covers that seem to pop up around this time of year. This my friends is a Paul Hardcastle original Christmas track! I am so bored of the usual suspects that are churned out each year so tried to come up with something new and exciting whilst still being Christmassy. This track is available as a bonus track on The Collection which has just been released in the UK for the first time or as a single track here. I hope you like it and as always, would love to hear your opinions.

I feel like I haven’t left the studio recently as there are so many interesting projects planned for 2010 that I am busy working on. All I can say for now is that 2010 is going to be very exciting!

Britain’s Best Export

Paul Hardcastle

Few people would be aware that one of Britain’s biggest icons of the 1980’s is alive and well and making millions in the USA.

PAUL HARDCASTLE created the soundtrack to the mid 80’s. His iconic track 19 was an international mega hit (getting to number one in 13 countries) and with its hard-hitting lyrics and narrative about the Vietnam War, it captured the mood of a generation and created a sound for the era.

Twenty-five years on “the average age of a combat soldier is still 19” and Paul is still writing great impactful music.  But until now it has all been in the USA, where Paul has had 10 Hit Albums and 9 number ones. Just last year, Billboard voted Paul the US Jazz Artist of the Year. Paul can even count Bill Clinton as one of his biggest fans, with Bill personally contacting Paul about how much he loved the Jazzmaster series.


'Zero One' by Paul Hardcastle

Now, for the first time in two decades Paul is back in Europe, living in London and releasing a new and challenging album ZERO ONE. Getting back to his electro roots of the 19 days, Paul is right back in the groove.

The track OVER n OVER, from ZERO ONE, is already getting massive plays across the web and as a pioneer of digital music, Paul is now leading the charge into the digital distribution age with his own label, HARDCASTLEMUSIC and a digital only release schedule.

For more information contact: Gem Woolnough –

More background information:

  • Paul Hardcastle is a composer, producer, and performer, radio host (his own show in the USA) and a progressive creative.
  • Paul Hardcastle was the first musician to record straight to disc and genuinely pioneered the digital recording process.
  • Zero One, is the first in a series of new albums to be released in the next year by Paul.
  • Samples from Zero One can be heard at
  • Paul Hardcastle will be speaking at In The City In Manchester in October
  • Hardcastle Music is Paul’s new record label
  • Paul’s complete back catalogue is also now available for the first time outside of the USA. See below for details…
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