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Twones Music Bar, good news for streaming music

Today, music will be brought to you in total different way. The Music Bar, a reinvention of the Twones service, will offer you the chance to discover, bookmark and share music found on the web. You can download the new service for free, unfortunately only on Firefox for the moment.

Basically Twones scours the internet for you for new music, from myspace, online sites or blogs. And when you’ve found a track you like, you can bookmark it and share it with your friends.
It’s a ‘music discovery engine’ that works to show you every song in context of the site or page its on, giving you further insight into the song, it’s background, artist information, upcoming concerts, tweets etc.
You can also share your music feed, scrobble your online plays to and autopost favorites to Facebook and Twitter.
It’s a social network as well since it works to connect you and your friends through a sidebar that shows what your friends are listening to.
With The Music Bar, Twones effectively turns your browser into one huge music library, with an estimated 70,000 music sources already indexed and growing.

Twones has everything to please you. All of your digital music life stream just in one place!


Get RSS feeds with ROADIE !

You’re tired of never being aware of the next album date release of your favourite group?
Bored by the fact you never know any news or gossip about them?
Well Roadie is your new program !
It’s a “free service where you pick the artists or band that interest you and we’ll generate a customized RSS Feed with their recently released or brand new albums”.
Exactly what we all need no ?
With Roadie you can get a RSS feed from Amazon UK or US, an iCal to use or just bookmark it and you can also aggregate all your favorite bands or import them from your list into one feed, aggregating all the new albums in one place.
Brilliant, I’m gonna go check my favourite group feeds right now !

Top 2009 online Hits !!

What are the main videos we watched this year ?
What was hot online in 2009?
YouTube’s most popular video of the year is Susan Boyle’s viral performance.
Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have all crowned Michael Jackson King of Search. Apple has declared “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas the best-selling single of the year.
But Lady Gaga tops’s charts as the most listened-to artist of 2009 !
We have to admit that she’s quite shocking but definitely original with her outlandish outfits and extravagant performances!
Her album, The Fame, had a total of more than 18 million plays on Last.FM.
So’s online music winners for the year is Lady Gaga in the first place, followed by The Killers with 12 Million plays and Lilli Allen in the third position with 10 million plays. There’s also The Prodigy in the fourth position followed by Franz Ferdinand.
Anyway it’s Gaga’s year, we’re so gaga !!!

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