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Spotify goes social with Facebook

Starting today Spotify is going social. It’s creating a true social network inside the Spotify service by integrating Facebook connect features.
Spotify users will now be able to connect to their Facebook page and import friends from their profile who are also registered as Spotify users. Connected friends will become visible in the Spotify browser.
It will also synchronise your existing music collection with your Spotify account. Users will also have an inbox to which tracks can be dragged and dropped for recommendation. Songs appear in the inbox and can then be clicked and streamed by the user whose inbox they have been dropped to. The quick link sharing, drag and drop inbox is faster and simpler than the previous sharing options via URL link. A band could for example announce a new playlist of tracks from their Facebook page and fans can immediately subscribe to that playlist and spread news of the playlist. The new library feature is very good as well because now Spotify becomes a music management platform, in the way you can put all of your music in one place.

That’s a lot of new features Spotify, thank you!


Facebook and Youtube join UK election debate

Political parties are now using social media tools to reach more people and in a more personal way.

Leaders of the three main political parties will be using Facebook and Youtube to respond to questions from the public in the first digital online debate before next month’s General Election.
Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will provide video responses to questions posted by users of the two social networks sites ten days before the election. Five categories will be covered, the economy, health and education, foreign policy, law and order and miscellaneous.
It’s the first time in the UK that there’s an online debate. Facebook’s director of policy Richard Allan says that ‘the dawn of the digital election this year is a transformative moment for democracy in Britain’.
The political parties have became more familiar with social networks, with a number of MPs using accounts on Twitter and Facebook to engage with their constituents as well as filming messages to be broadcast on YouTube.

If politics now uses social media to get there message spread out, we can definitely say that we are in a digital era. If you like to ask your questions and join the Digital Debate, you can go on Facebook or even Youtube.

Want to avoid someone? Use Avoidr

There is this new and very original service out that definitely could be handy sometimes, you never know.

It’s called Avoidr, this service is powered by Foursquare. The perk of this new social media service is that it uses it for a total different outcome. Usually we use those networks to find our friends or people we want to talk to, and maybe even meet up using Foursquare. Well, Avoidr uses Foursquare to check where our non-friends are so we can avoid bumping into them. It ‘keeps your friends close and your enemies at that bar down the street’. You just have to sign in using your Foursquare logins, and designate “friends” you’d like to avoid. The site will then give you a list of places to avoid, places where your “frenemy” has been before or is right now.

Quite helpful don’t you think? So now before checking out this new bar in town you can confirm if any of the strange people on your watch list are there. Don’t be bothered anymore!

Scion’s new car campaign gets into your Facebook

Scion is a marque of vehicles produced by Toyota Motor Corporation. To develop awareness of their new limited edition TC series 6.0, they created a social media campaign.

On Scion’s website you have the option of connecting directly via your Facebook account, then all of your items of your news feed are pulled together to create a video.
This makes for a fun, personalised experience. Everyone with a Facebook can do it. It’s something quite unusual that can be easily shared with friends and distributed virally. You’re just a click away.

Is this campaign going to make you buy this car? Not so sure about that, but a least now you’re aware of the brand!

Super Bowl on Twitter this season

This year the NFL wants to be part of the microblogging service, Twitter. So it can collect and aggregate tweets and Flickr photos from fans around the world.
The official tag of the Super Bowl is #SB44.
The NFL is highlighting the user-tagged Super Bowl content on its new Super Bowl site, which offers a visually stimulating and unfiltered interactive view of tweets and images that football fans are sharing through the tag.
This is quite a surprising move from them, considering the fact they’re usually really concerned about the rights to their content.
Such a smart social media strategy, fans get more involved with their favourite sport, they have the possibility of adding content, features directly on the official website.
And now they also have the option of having another personal perspective on this year’s game, by checking out Chad Ochocinco’s OCNN — Ochocinco News Network — which will include an array of opinions, videos, tweets and photos from Ochocinco and other football stars, all of which will be posted to the player’s social media sites.
So starting the 7th get ready to tweet, if you got some interesting news for us.
Don’t forget #SB44!

Are you ready for Social Media Week?

If you’re into social media you probably have these dates already pencilled into your diary, however if you’ve been dozing for the last few weeks you may have missed the fact that next week will be the first Social Media Week in London.

Following on from the success of the first Social Media Week which was based in New York last year. This year sees things expand massively with the event taking place simultaneously across six, yes you read correctly, SIX cities across three continents.

The website describes it as an event which will bring together the leading thinkers, organisers, movers and shakers across the social media spectrum for events including from panel sessions to networking events, breakfast briefings and more.

But be quick, as registration for the event is filling up fast. To check out the latest news for London and all the other cities getting involved click here

Join the revolution!

Think you know about social media? Well there’s a lot more to it than tweeting or checking out the latest video on YouTube. Don’t believe me? Well then check out this video by Socialnomics author Erik Qualman.

Could this be the start of something bigger than the Industrial Revolution? I think so!

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