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London’s most popular Foursquare travel check-ins

If you haven’t ‘checked-in’ yet then, quite literally, where are have you been? This cool infograph by alextroll shows the most popular travel areas for London’s Foursquare users…


Foursquare is becoming more precise…

Foursquare the location-based social networking website is making a few updates just for you!

They are making the choices of ‘Places’ you have when you load the mobile app, more relevant. They announced this morning that their algorithms for serving up this data will be improved, taking into account things like time of day, proximity, and popularity of the venue in determining which places to show you.
These changes are a response to the rapid growth of the service and user behavior, some of which Foursquare probably didn’t anticipate back when they laid the groundwork for their app.

Win a pair of Jimmy Choo by using Foursquare!

Jimmy Choo is running a real-time treasure hunt around London, using location-based social media tool Foursquare.
Get prepared, over the next few weeks, a single pair of trainers from the new Jimmy Choo trainer range will check in fashionable, trendy hangouts around London. It will send real-time updates about its whereabouts. ‘The Pair’ will only stay for a few minutes, the lucky person who reaches the venue in time to catch the trainers will win a pair in their size.
It’s the first time that Jimmy Choo uses a social media tool to engage its audience. Quite a smart campaign though!

So hurry up, login to Foursquare and join the trainer hunt otherwise you can always stay updated on Twitter and Facebook.

Nike turns London into a Gameboard for running Promo

Nike always have impressed us with their adverts and campaign. Never lacking creativity.
Well this Friday at 8PM Londoners get prepared to be part of a huge interactive street game created by Nike of course!
The sportswear brand is inviting active people to take part in the ‘Nike Grid‘ street game. The aim of the event is to engage urban residents in a sport quest, which will take 24 hours and cover the whole city. The city is divided into 40 postcodes zones and four phoneboxes in each. The participants must run from one phonebooth to another within the zone. The more routes they run, the more points they score. The participants need to tell their names and age while registering, and they have to dial a special number before and after each run within their grid.
Sounds like Foursquare on a treadmill right!? Become the fittest and fastest mayor of your area!
If you want to be part of it, read the rules on the Facebook fan-page and register at the Nike Grid website.

Real-time location sharing tool now on Facebook!

Nowadays being able to go somewhere without other people knowing is becoming impossible. First there’s Foursquare who actually check your GPS location on your phone to see where you really are, then Twitter who launched its geo-location app and now it’s Facebook’s turn!

A startup called ‘Glympse’ now allows you to share your location to your Facebook friends via the News Feed, just by using a widget that plots your position on a map and updates it in real-time. This service will now embed an interactive map that updates all the time. You can also use the Facebook’s Friend List feature to specify who can see the map.
‘Glympse’ is a way to share your location with anyone for a specified period of time. You can send a ‘Glympse’ to a specific person, several people, or even to everyone on Facebook and Twitter. ‘Glympse’ has offered this functionality for a while, but the integration with Facebook is much better. Previously when you shared a Glympse link with someone it would just redirect you to the Glympse site, this is still what happens when you share to Twitter. On Facebook, the real time sharing location map will now be embedded.

Show your Facebook friends where you are at!

Want to avoid someone? Use Avoidr

There is this new and very original service out that definitely could be handy sometimes, you never know.

It’s called Avoidr, this service is powered by Foursquare. The perk of this new social media service is that it uses it for a total different outcome. Usually we use those networks to find our friends or people we want to talk to, and maybe even meet up using Foursquare. Well, Avoidr uses Foursquare to check where our non-friends are so we can avoid bumping into them. It ‘keeps your friends close and your enemies at that bar down the street’. You just have to sign in using your Foursquare logins, and designate “friends” you’d like to avoid. The site will then give you a list of places to avoid, places where your “frenemy” has been before or is right now.

Quite helpful don’t you think? So now before checking out this new bar in town you can confirm if any of the strange people on your watch list are there. Don’t be bothered anymore!

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