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Myspace relaunch

It is a sad affair that myspace’s popularity declined. It was the original cool social network to join. Apparently Tom, it’s founder, wanted to keep things the same and had a lot of integrity which was obviously short-sighted at the time. You can not be so principled and steadfast in the online arena especially when the next big thing could be only round the corner. New features/sites are borne daily so you must be ahead of the game and be flexible.

Myspace losses quarter on quarter have increased from $136m in 2009 to $174m this year. The relaunch is trying to claw back some of this loss but if this relaunch is not a success then they will have to consider selling, but at what price?

Myspace started up in 2003 and its popularity peaked in 2007, two years after News Corp bought it, with over 100 million users. Obviously this looked like a sure thing but it was not long living.

So the new My_ site, now how the logo will appear, will be totally redesigned.

“Everything from MySpace – from the layout and design, to the colour scheme, and even our logo – has been remade to deliver the best social entertainment experiences.”

Myspace is where it started so it is your duty to at least give it a look. That’s if you can remember your log in details!

New Myspace!


Facebook gets its ‘News Feed’ tech patent

Facebook has announced today that they patented their ‘News Feed’ technology. This news could be real drama for the whole social media industry.

This ‘News Feed’ feature, was first introduce in 2006, it allows users to get live new feeds about their friends activities. Other social networking services also uses that feature under different names though.
The issue here is that now that Facebook has patented the technology, Facebook could ask them to pay a fee or forbid them from using this service.
According to the ‘All Facebook Blog’, the ‘News Feed’ patent also includes feed filters, feed advertising, searching the feed and other services relate to news feeds. It was also reported that the patent document listed the names of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg and other top executives.

Quite big news from Facebook camp, that can’t be good for the other social networks!

Become a Guru with !

When you’re really passionate about a subject, a book you’ve just read or a music band, admit it don’t you want everyone to be aware of it as well ?
But it’s always kind of hard to inform everyone. Well now with this new program, it’s no longer a problem !
“Get Glue” is the new way for you to talk about what you enjoy the most but also to learn what other people loved recently. It’s a brilliant way to get to know what’s new, what’s good, basically all the things you shouldn’t miss.
GetGlue by AdaptiveBlue is one of the recommendation engines that ”learn” about you by a) getting you to fill out a profile, b) getting you to rate or review items.
And then GetGlue has you click the “I Like It” button.
Here is what GetGlue says about becoming a Guru:
“With Glue you can be recognized as the Guru of specific books, movies, music, etc that you feel passionate about. There can only be one Guru per item, so you may have to work for the honor.”
Recommendation engines work on three concentric circles.
You and your likes / dislikes are in the center. Your friends form a ring around you, and the whole GetGlue community forms the largest circle.
Don’t forget though there can only be one Guru per item, so the better you know the better you will be !
Don’t you want to be a Guru in a field you excel in? Go for it.

What about creating a notebook featuring your Tweets?

You think its useless? Well if you have time to loose there’s this new program called “TweetNotebook” created by Bondoggle, a Belgian interactive agency.
It lets you create a physical notebook in which features a random set of your Twitter messages.
It’s really easy to use, you just go to the website, enter any username and let the app browse through the account owner’s 3200 latest tweets and automatically select some to populate the bottom sections of your notebook pages.
You can enter a custom message on the cover of your notebook, maximum 140 characters of course.
You have three color choices for it: white and turquoise, black and turquoise or plain white.
I’m sure you’re guessing it’s not free, it costs $17.5 not including the shipping costs !
But still go on and try it, it’s quite original actually !!

Grouply out with a more social and customizable Online Platform

Have you heard about Grouply ??
Well it’s a different kind of social networks launched in 2006. Grouply was one the pioneers of the socialization of groups and essentially lets users combine features of social networks and online groups, incorporating Google and Yahoo Groups products.
They recall that Grouply “instantly reinvigorates all your Yahoo! or Google Groups with exciting social features, customizable websites, and more … all for free”.
The latest version of Grouply, which currently hosts 1.6 million groups, has been enhanced to provide many more customization tools for Grouply groups, giving users the ability to transform the simple appearance of any Google or Yahoo Group into a modern, sleep, colorful website.
Grouply is also adding features that make it more like a social network instead of a simple group. Groups will now have social activity feeds, directories, and can also promote their groups through search-engine optimization.
Grouply is also planning to launch integration with Facebook and Twitter soon, and will allow users share their Grouply activities with their friends and followers in the two social platforms.
It seems like a lot of good perspectives !!

Top social networks in the UK

This just in…

Here are the top social networks in the UK for the month of August and the big news (if not predictable) is that Twitter have replaced MySpace at No.4:


Courtesy of Net Imperative

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