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Chrome Experiments

Here is something interesting. It’s Chrome Experiments.  The clever chaps at Google are show casing some pretty cool and very techy experiments using JavaScript and web browsers.

These experiments are all in the aid of making the web faster, more fun and more open and are created by designers and programmers using the latest open standards, including HTML5, Canvas, SVG and more.

Arcade Fire are being extremely digitally aware, or at least they have a good management team that have embraced this digital creation, and have got the film maker Chris Milk to create the video for ‘We used to wait’ in HTML5 which of course can only be viewed if you are using Google Chrome!

They invite you to send in any JavaScript experiments of your own so if you are a budding programmer that just loves to share then give it a go!


Picasa now has Twitter, Google Buzz and Blogger sharing

Google’s photo sharing platform Picasa has made a couple of updates today.
The new Picasa will now allow visitors and album owners to share photos with friends on different social networks. Now while you’re looking a photo album, you will also see three new sharing options, Twitter, Google Buzz and Blogger. You just have to click one of the icons and the selected photo or album will be shared to one of the chosen social network.
That’s a really good update but not unique, Flickr users have had Twitter functionality and a URL shortener for quite a long time now.

Google Launches Twitter Timeline search

Google’s real-time search has a new perk. It’s launching a timeline of archived Twitter messages organised by topics. The real-time search engine already pulled in tweets as well as Facebook and MySpace updates.
This new service allows you to see when Twitter activity peaked with tweets related to your topic search. When you click on a particular day which has the most tweets related to your topic, you will then see a scrolling list of the individual tweets of that day. For now the service has only archived the tweets back to February of this year but their plan is to surface tweets as far back of March 2006, when Twitter was launched.
To try it, go on Google’s search page, select ‘options’ and then click on ‘updates’, you will then see the timeline updates for your chosen topic.

This new service is a brilliant way of keeping track of what has been said, by whom and when, around the world and never loose a bit of it.
It will be a very useful tool to know what the world is really concerned about!

The Google Search Story App is out!

Google’s creative Lab has been thinking as usual and came up with another cool project.

They have created a lot of short funny clips showing how their search engine helps people not just find websites but also improves their lives.
Do you remember the ‘Parisien Love’ video that became viral after being one of the ads shown during the 2010 Super Bowl? Well, it’s all part of the series of online ‘Search Stories’ to tell the stories of changed lives.
Now Google came up with the ‘Search Stories Video Creator’ app which lets you create your own story and share them with the world. It’s really easy, just type in your searches and select the kind of results that best communicate your story (web search, maps, books, news, videos, images…).

Try it, tell us your story !

The Indian Premier Cricket tournament streamed live!

If your looking to the start of The Indian Premier League cricket season starting, well this year you’re there is more than one way to follow all the action.

The Indian Premier League has become one of the world’s most popular sporting events. The third season is starting today (12th March 2010) in a few hours in India over a period of 45 days.
Youtube will be streaming full coverage of the tournament. You will be able to watch nearly live coverage (one to two hour delay) of the IPL from all over the world. But that’s not it, Google has also secured full internet broadcast rights for all 60 Indian Premier League matches and will be streaming every minute of them.
Everything seems ready for a powerful, unlimited and full streaming service of the big sport event. Things are definitely going to be different to NBC’s Winter Olympics coverage, where a lot of criticism was made about it.

This time you won’t miss a beat of the action. One thing is sure we are in a changing era where big sporting events are broadcast via the internet. And that’s what people want.

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