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Seeing red?

Don’t worry you’re not going crazy. Twitter has gone red for World Aids Day. For one day only the microblogging sites homepage has turned red instead of the usual blue and is asking users to “Help turn Twitter (Red)”

By using the hashtags #red and #laceupsavelives throughout the day, not only will users be able to “help fight Aids in Africa”, They’ll also turn the text of users’ tweets a deep red. Which is a huge step away from the black text we’re used to.

The Twitter campaign has been organised by (Red), which describes itself as a “business model designed to create awareness and a sustainable flow of money from the private sector into the Global Fund, to help eliminate Aids in Africa.”

The charity is also encouraging Facebook users to change their profile picture red and post a video showing the improvement medication can make to HIV sufferers’ lives.


Is this the must have handheld of 2009?

Just when the future of news publications was under question, Apple looked set to save the day in the form of their internet tablet, which if the rumours are to be believed, is set to be released very soon. The main appeal of this device is said to be it’s news consumption, which some have even suggested could save the newspaper industry.

But now there’s a new kid on the scene. UK newspaper ‘The Sun’ describe it as the “must have handheld accessory of 2009″, featuring a 26 inch full panoramic colour ’screen’ and 3D photo realistic graphics. If that wasn’t good enough, there’ll also be no squinting at pages or need to turn the device on its side for better reading. And don’t go thinking it’s all business with this device there’s also 7 built in pen-friendly games. But the best selling point has got to be that there’s “no waiting for downloads” in order to get your daily news fix.

It’s gotta be too good to be true!

Oxford dictionaries unfriendly choice for word of the year

Yes, believe it or not “unfriend” is a real word! Oxford dictionary have announced it as their word of 2009. The definition of the verb is just as you’d expect: “To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook.” Several other tech and social media centric word choices were considered, including hashtag, sexting, freemium, and paywall.

This isn’t the first time dictionary makers have tried to jump on the social media buzz. Collins dictionary added “Twitter” to their dictionary this year and listed “Facebook” as word of the year back in 2007.

Their choice has sparked many disputes as people argue that the word should be “defriend” rather than “unfriend”.

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