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Twitter’s redesign is coming up soon!

Twitter is working on a major redesign of its web interface. Doug Bowman, the head of Twitter’s design team, posted a picture showing the new interface.
As you see on the picture the profiles will be totally different.
The stats displayed on profiles will include the amount of days you have been on Twitter, the average number of tweets you send per day and the percentage of @replies recently.

Quite a lifting for Twitter, change can’t be bad right?


Twitter’s partnership with Yahoo

Facebook last year, now its Twitter’s turn to partner with Yahoo, the world’s third largest website and second largest search engine.

The integration is very clear. You will be able to access your Twitter feed through Yahoo’s homepage, Yahoo mail and Sport as well. You will also have the option to update tweets from Yahoo directly.
Yahoo, now having full access to Twitter data gives the search engine real-time updates, which will provide freshness and relevancy to the site. The real-time search integration will be available later on tonight or early tomorrow.

With this new partnership, Yahoo search puts itself in line with its competitors, Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. Yahoo is hoping that these moves to build a platform of social networks will make it easier for people to share information and images on Facebook and Twitter without leaving their Web site. And by giving people more reasons to stick around, Yahoo will have more chances to show the Internet ads that generate most of its revenue.

Google Launches Real-Time Search

Here it is, the New Google real-time search version !!!
It had to come sooner or ever.
Big time change for us…
This Google real-time search updates as stuff is happening around the Web — for example, live tweets, Yahoo Answers, news articles and Web pages are now stream in on the actual result pages.
I know it’s already great news but it’s not over.
Google has announced his partnerships with Facebook and Myspace.
For Facebook, that means public Facebook Pages, and for MySpace, any stream data that is publicly available.
This is on top of the partnership that the company announced with Twitter back in October.
If you weren’t a twitter, a facebook or a Myspace addict, good luck trying not to get involved with them !!!

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