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Buy your gig tickets on MySpace!

MySpace just added a brand new cool service to the social networking site.
You can now buy tickets to see your favourite band through their profile pages. The updated site also now includes a calendar tool so that fans can follow when tours and concert are happening and when new record releases are scheduled.
This ‘MySpace Events platform’ also allows you to check your friend’s calendar to see what shows they are planning on going to. When one of your friend buys a ticket, a notification will tell you about it.
MySpace will take a cut of all ticket sales. It currently has a database of around 1 million shows happening this year.

It’s a smart move from MySpace, since they have been struggling to catch up with other social network like Facebook and Twitter. This new service is going to get a lot of attraction, we would think!


Nokia launches a DRM free music market in China

Nokia, the global mobile music leaders are today launching a new market in China. A project called ‘Comes With Music’, it’s the first market to get DRM-free version of the ‘all-you-can eat’ music service, a service that lets mobile phone users legally access, download and listen to an unlimited amount of music, any time, anywhere with no extra charge for data for a weekly fee of £1.99 . With Nokia’s new service it’s the first time people will be able to sign up to the service without buying a brand new handset if they already own a Nokia mobile.
Nokia’s goal here is to crack the challenge of promoting legal music in China, where privacy remains strong. Nokia’s director of global music Adam Mirabella says, ‘This marketplace is begging for a legal opportunity. They’re all looking for somebody with a strong footprint and presence, to see if there’s something they can do to build the business back’.

The question remains though, will Nokia transfer the ‘Comes With Music’ model to other countries around the world, and will this be a step forward in combating music piracy? Only time will tell!

Pay what you want for Art and Music with Kroogi

This new web service named ‘Kroogi’ is going to please you.
You can now support your favorite artist when you download and checkout music and art on ‘Kroogi’, it’s also the best place to discover great new content by a variety of different ‘artists’ and donate to support them as you see appropriate.
Kroogi is a “content community” for artists, musicians, writers, videographers and photographers. While iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers charge fixed rates for their music, ‘Kroogi’ allows you to pay whatever you feel a piece of content is worth, and creators are given tools to try and prove its value.
Another good point is that you can discover new artists, review them and help them get noticed by giving them exposure.

No more fixed prices, you can now choose how much you want to give. Quite a smart new service!
Create your account now and start contributing to the music and art industry. And if you’re an artist get yourself noticed now!

A service that could find this song stuck in your head!

You’ve had a song in your head since this morning but you don’t know the title of it? It happened to all of us and it’s so frustrating, right?

With this new music search tool you will finally be able to find answers. You just need to sing, hum or whistle as you wish and ‘Midomi’ will recognise and instantly find your obsessive song!
But there is much more to it, you can create your own profile, make friends, sing your favourite songs and share them with other ‘Midomi’ users. You can also listen to and rate others musical performances and of course so can they. Your performance could be the next top result!
It’s also an extensive digital music store with a growing collection of more than two million legal music tracks. You can purchase them right on the site or play them on your laptop.

Quite a cool site that could come in handy! The service is also available as an iPhone app which could be useful if you’re too impatient to get to your computer.

2012 Olympics, also a music festival

Ok 2012 is still far away but London has so much to do until then, to be fully prepared for the Olympics.
At least the music part is nearly settled. The music industry will be heavily involved in a 12 week festival and the four opening and closing ceremonies around the Olympics in 2012.
The Festival will run from June 21 to September 9 2012 and artists from around the world will be featuring in UK’s cities. There will be a diversified programme of everything from pop to rock, fashion and theatre during the Festival. And starting January 2012 there will be a series of exciting concert across the UK to tee up the main festival.
Of course other music related events are expected for the closing and the opening ceremonies of the Paralympics.

London in 2012 is not only going to deliver great sport but also awesome music!

Music dominates on Youtube

Who doesn’t take a look at Youtube at least once a day? We all do, it has became a routine, just to check out the latest movie trailer, music video of your favourite band or the daily scoop. Youtube has so many different categories mashed up together that basically any kind of topic can be find.

A study has been made by the research company Sysomos, to know which of the categories is the most watched. Well it appears that Music is the most popular category, accounting for 30.7% of all views on the video service. The music industry might be keen to know that that the main social group embedding video are bloggers aged between 20-35, accounting for 57.3% of all links
Of course this comes after Vevo, Youtube and Google’s premium music video channel.
Another study shows that Universal and Sony delivers an average 30m streams a day in the US.
Moreover earlier this year, comScore said that 92% of Vevo’s 35.4m visitors in December in the US actually came via YouTube rather than through Vevo’s own landing page.

So here are the main content categories on YouTube in order of popularity:

– music (30.7%)

– entertainment videos (14.6%)

– people and blogs (10.77%)

– news and politics (6.7%)

– sports (6.0%)

– comedy (5.2%)

– education (4.1%)

– film (3.6%)

– animation (3.2%)

– how to/style (3.1%)

– science and technology (2.86%)

– other (9.2%)

Turn websites into music

Tired of always checking out the same old websites? Want a way to make it a bit more fun?
Well with Codeorgan, a new web application, you can have your favourite sites turned translated into music. Confused??? Well read on!

What it does is analyses the body content of any site and follows an algorithm to determine the key, synth style and drum pattern that fits the site’s page best. You can then play back what your web site would sound like as a piece of music via “Play this website” button.
If you enjoyed the result you can share it the composition on Facebook and Twitter and make your friends wonder what you’ve been up to.

We know this web app is not going to change your life, but it’s worth trying and is just a bit of fun. It will take your mind off things for at least a few minutes in a musical way!
Here is how our Chatterbox blog sounds like:
Your turn!

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