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Zoe Smith wins bronze at the Commonwealth Games today

It has been a glorious day today for Zoe Smith, the youngest English athlete to ever qualify for the Commonwealth Games. She did us proud by managing a huge combined lift of 188kg.

Australia’s Seen Lee ended 4kgs ahead of Zoe securing silver leaving India’s Renu Bala victorious in front of her home crowd, leading by 5kgs to win gold.

“It’s a shame about my last two lifts, but I am just pleased to get a medal,” said Zoe.

“It is not a gold medal hanging around my neck but I don’t care at the moment – it is a Commonwealth medal and it hasn’t sunk in at all.

“I am delighted with the way I performed although I was nervous at the start.”

It’s great news for Zoe and a amazing personal achievement for the young Brit.”


Looking forward to the year ahead…. – Zoe Smith

Hard to believe we’re already virtually through the first month of the year.

My training is starting to step up in preparation for my next big competition on 20 February. The competition is the English Senior Championships taking place at Lilleshall National Sports Centre and it’s one of the qualifying competitions for the Commonwealth Games so I want to be ready to do my best.

Although I don’t have to put in any extra hours, the weights I am lifting in training are starting to get gradually heavier and it’s also the time that I have to start thinking about my own weight (again!)

Earlier this week I had a meeting with my coach and the Performance Manager of World Class Lifting to agree my targets for the year and to decide which competitions I’ll be focusing on.

As I’ve already said, my 100% main aim for the year is to compete and do well at the Commonwealth Games in India and because of that my coach has said he doesn’t want me to go to the first Olympic Youth Games in Singapore in August as he feels it would be too close to the Commonwealths. While that’s a bit disappointing, I totally understand where he’s coming from.

Another very important competition that I may have to miss this year could be the European Youth Championships taking place in Spain in May. That competition not only falls during my GCSEs but will be quite close to the British Senior Championships in June which is another event that I’m going
to have to make sure I’m at my absolute best for to ensure qualification for the Commonwealths. Again it would be difficult to be at my peak for both so we’re going to have to leave it til nearer the time for my coach to make a decision. The good news is that on whatever would be the actual day
of my competition in Spain I don’t actually have an exam but as they are either side of that date it really would have to be a “flying visit” if I do go!

Yesterday morning I sat the final part of my GCSE Science. There are 3 exams in total but I had to miss the final one (Biology) when we sat them (a year early) last May as I went to Austria to compete at the Fulda Cup so I was very pleased when I was told I’d get the chance to take it now instead. Fingers crossed I’ve not done too badly, although Science isn’t exactly my strong point.

I had my mock GCSE results through this week and, considering I did have to miss quite a bit of school last year to compete abroad and to attend WCL squads, I was quite pleased with the results.

Looking ahead to this weekend, I’ll be travelling down to Bristol on Saturday for the second Commonwealth Games training squad so I’m really looking forward to meeting up with everyone again.

Sweet Tooth by Zoe Smith

Thank you to everyone who has been asking how my dad is.  I’m glad to say he’s home from hospital now and normal service will (hopefully!) be resumed shortly.

The thing that has been dominating my thoughts over the last week is my diet!  I need to make sure I am able to weigh in at exactly 58kg (or hopefully a little less) by the date of my next competition in Sweden in 2 weeks.

Although my diet is always reasonably healthy, I do have rather a sweet tooth which means that I can gain weight quite easily if I’m not being careful.  I’m particularly partial to chocolate and flavoured milkshakes, but I’m having to be very strict with myself at the moment and am trying to cut things like that out altogether.

I’m very lucky that I am able to benefit from the advice of Martin MacDonald, the World Class Lifting Nutritionist.  He advises me to eat around 5 small meals a day, mostly made up of protein with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and a small amount of carbohydrates.  The other big advice is for me to drink PLENTY of water, which is something I’ve never been very good about – but I’m getting better with practice!

People ask why I don’t add in some cardio work to my training regime to help burn off some extra calories, but I am strongly advised by my coach NOT to do this as he honestly believes it would weaken my strength for weightlifting so that doesn’t make weight loss any easier.

I’ve just under 2kg still to lose which doesn’t sound like much, but I’m sure most people know how it’s always the last little bit that is the hardest to shift.

Wish me luck!

Zoe Smith – Where has the year gone?


When I woke up this morning it suddenly dawned on me that it was a whole year ago today that I had the biggest win of my weightlifting career so far when I won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Pune, India.

That was my first experience of participating in a big international multi-sport event and everything about it was fantastic. (Of course winning helped make it even better!)

The CYG village was amazing and it was great to meet athletes from so many different countries and so many different sports. I made lots of friends from around the world there and, thanks to the internet, have been able to keep in touch with many of them. (I’ve posted a few photos today of me competing at the CYG and with my medal.)

But it did make me realise just how quickly the year has flown by. It’s been a year with so many exciting internationals for me and I think the pace of everything has just made the time seem to go by too fast and I’ve not always had the opportunity to fully appreciate everywhere I’ve been.

The countries I’ve visited in 2009 are: Thailand (1st World Youth Weightlifting Championships), Austria (Fulda Cup), Sweden (European Junior Championships) and Israel (European Youth Championships). I’m currently training really hard for my next international (again in Sweden) from 6-8 November where I’m hoping to redeem myself after my unexpectedly lacklustre competition in Israel.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming because when I stop to think I can still hardly believe how many opportunities taking part in my sport has given me.

Will have to stop writing now as I’ve got tons of GCSE coursework to catch up on – that’s the biggest downside of missing school to travel abroad!

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