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iTunes Festival 2010

iTunes’ Festival is back this summer, same place as last year at Camden’s Roundhouse in London. It’s the fourth annual month long event where artists play in the name of music and the iTunes Store. More than 60 artists will be performing live during 31 consecutive nights.
Every show will be recorded and available on iTunes. Only venues of the 3 opening nights are known all of the others will be announced via Facebook, Twitter and email alerts over the coming weeks. You can win free tickets through competitions.
You can apply for as many gigs you like, each competition entrant has the chance to win one pair of tickets per date of the Festival. Apply right now, the countdown has started!
iTunes is also giving away hundreds of tickets for every night on the UK iTunes Facebook page.
You will also be able to see behind the scenes photos and the latest news on Twitter.


Paul Hardcastle’s remake of its iconic track ’19’ to be released today globally!

It’s been 25 years in waiting, but the time is here for the highly anticipated remake of Paul Hardcastle’s iconic record 19 to be released globally. From today (19th April) you will be able to download all versions of 19. Including “Boys To War”, “The Vision” “Welcome To Hell” mixes and a special remix by Ministry of Sound DJ Richard Murray. The 25th Anniversary Edition has been inspired by the plight of service men and women in Afghanistan.
Show your support to a record and an artist willing to stand up for a subject that too many people are turning a blind eye to. A percentage of profits for 19 will be going to charities dedicated to helping those helping us.

Get your copy TODAY from iTunes (globally) and iTunes, Amazon, 7digital, Play, We7, HMV, Juno (remixes), Beatport (remixes) in the UK.

Here is the link to the tracks on iTunes.

Pay what you want for Art and Music with Kroogi

This new web service named ‘Kroogi’ is going to please you.
You can now support your favorite artist when you download and checkout music and art on ‘Kroogi’, it’s also the best place to discover great new content by a variety of different ‘artists’ and donate to support them as you see appropriate.
Kroogi is a “content community” for artists, musicians, writers, videographers and photographers. While iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers charge fixed rates for their music, ‘Kroogi’ allows you to pay whatever you feel a piece of content is worth, and creators are given tools to try and prove its value.
Another good point is that you can discover new artists, review them and help them get noticed by giving them exposure.

No more fixed prices, you can now choose how much you want to give. Quite a smart new service!
Create your account now and start contributing to the music and art industry. And if you’re an artist get yourself noticed now!

mflow the new music download site launches soon

Ok, we all use or at least have heard of Spotify, We7, iTunes and other competing music download sites, now it’s time for a renewal.

mflow, an innovative social music discovery service, currently in beta testing in the UK, plans to launch the service in April by partnering with several major music magazines titles like Clash, Q, Mojo and NME.
With the new service you’ll be able to listen and download music files based on other mflow users recommendations. The perk of the service is that when another member buys a song or an album based on you recommendation, your account will be then credited with 20% of the value of the transaction.
Each of the magazines will bring promotional activity to the service including advertising and free music download sales featuring major artists with their own profiles on mflow as well.
Clash magazine will be the first publication to promote the service. Soon mflow will be Q Magazine’s sponsor which lists the top 50 downloaded tracks each month.

Their marketing strategy is really smart, by helping users recommend, share and buy music this encourages social music discovery. With the backing of the top music publications this will only increase the level of trust between mflow and it’s users.
Beware Spotify and iTunes, a major competitor has arrived!

Give web searching a kick

Here’s what we’ve all have been waiting for. A browser that adds some context and rich media to your search without you having to do anything….well, nearly. Introducing, Kikin!

It’s new, free and available on Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer and the Chrome version will be available soon. Like its name expresses, it gives searching the web a kick in the right direction and brings out only relevant feeds and any context from a topic you chose. For example, if you want to find out about a brand, you can set Kikin to search not only within Google but within relevant topics and feeds on websites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and more!

Even better when you connect to Facebook or Twitter you’ll not only see your friends comments as standard, but Kikin will also highlight anyone who has discussed the topic you’ve search. Apparently context is the key!

Really handy, don’t you think? No more hours spent on the web to find relevant answers to your questions, when Kikin will bring them to you in any context you want!

So make your web search faster and more interesting, it’s just a click away!

iTunes unveils top sellers as it approaches 10bn downloads

We all remember when the iTunes store was launched in April 2003 in the US and June 2004 here in the UK. It signified the start of digital music sales as we know it.
By February 2006 iTunes had sold 1bn songs and by June 2008 5bn.
Quite an impressive accomplishment.
And today after 6 successful years iTunes reveals us the top 10 selling titles.
I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas takes the number one slot having been the biggest seller ever on iTunes.

2. Poke Face – Lady GaGa

3. Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas

4. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

5. Viva La Vida – Coldplay

6. Just Dance – Lady GaGa & Colby O’Donis

7. Low – Flo Rida

8. Love Story – Taylor Swift

9. Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis

10. TiK ToK – Ke$ha

And of course to mark the occasion, the lucky downloader of the 10 billionth song will receive an iTunes Gift Card worth a whopping £6.36. How generous! You can also buy the full top 25 downloads as a bundle for £24.35.
Thanks iTunes!

Let your iTunes library be Spotify(ied) !!

How about that ?
You don’t have to wait for Apple streaming anymore !
A newly launched service enables you to access most of your tunes via Spotify.
Spotifitunes lets you upload your iTunes database from your PC or Mac to its website.
It then immediately presents you with a summary of your collection, brought alphabetically by genre, artist and album.
It’s really easy you just have to select any artist or album and, provided you have Spotify installed on you Mac or PC, it will immediately find the album or all songs by the artist from Spotify and there you go.
Isn’t that awesome?
Now even if you don’t have your computer with you, you can always connect to your iTunes library from anywhere !
Of course, varying licensing arrangements mean that not all of the albums and artists listed in your iTunes library have their content available via Spotify, but still it’s surprising just how well the service works across most of your music collection.

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