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Audi A1 and Rolls-Royce launched their iPhone apps

To launch their new car ‘Ghost’ Rolls-Royce has released its iPhone Ghost design app. It’s free and you can design your own ‘Ghost’, choose all the options, the colours, it will be your ‘baby’.
Unveiled last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Ghost is in the line-up of ultra-luxury cars.
Audi launched an iPhone app as well for their new A1. The goal of the app is to collect objects and avoid various obstacles while driving plus piling up bonus points. As for the music inside the game it comes from artists like Torpedo, La Roux, The Rakes and Lo-Fi-Fnk. It’s a game that requires skills, the best drivers are featured on an international high score list. The high scores can be posted on Facebook or Twitter.
It’s definitely an action app compared to the Rolls-Royce one.
Both of the apps are free, so just treat yourself!


A new concept musical App

There is a new completely different kind of app for the iPhone coming out soon. It’s a music related one. The app called Sonic Wire Sculptor is based on a musical instrument by Amit Pitaru which has been shown in museums and galleries world wide. This musician strives to create interactive animations with the same fluency as music.
What it does is it turns your 3D drawing into sound. It introduces a connection between visual and audio composition. The app takes advantage of the iPhones’s unique audio and input capabilities. This iPhone version was lead by Zach Gage with Amit’s support. It’s really easy to use so everybody can have the chance of creating their own original music by their drawings. And as for the real music artists it can only give them new ideas for their future creations.

If you want to know more about it, click here.

A personal assistant in your pocket!

Always wanted some sort of robot able to do anything you ask him to do?
Well today you’re going to be pleased, something much more rational came out. A new app for smartphones that could be useful for anyone.
You can now delegate all your boring work to Siri.
Need a table for two tonight in your favourite restaurant, need a taxi as soon as possible, need to know where is the closest gas station, just ask Siri by typing or speaking to your phone.
This new search service uses every best services on the web for you.

Like the service says ‘this is the new way to get things done’. Imagine what else you’ll be able to do in the future with this virtual assistant? To get the iPhone app for free just click here.

Record any sound and share it on AudioBoo

Have you ever heard of AudioBoo? It’s a audio-blogging startup and a iPhone app as well designed to allow users to post and share sound files on the AudioBoo website.

What it does is it allows you to record and playback digital recordings up to 5 minutes long that you can share with your friends on the website platform. However, from today, anyone who has recorded more than 20 audioBoos over the last 12 months will be offered an extended recording duration of ten minutes.
The service has also planned to have an app for the iPad and an Android app is coming up soon.

A lot of projects for a young company that is only turning 1 year old today. Happy Birthday!

Bike trails now on Google Maps

So Yahoo’s latest new thing is starting a cycling team. This year the company will officially launch the Yahoo Cycling Team. To make it a ‘successful business model’ they hired a former professional rider, Kevin Klein to run the team.

Google may not have started a cycling team but they have created something just as cool. Google have incorporated cycle routes into their ‘Google Maps’, only in the U.S for now. Thousands of miles of bike trails have been added to the maps. And there is also step-by-step directions, much like what you see for driving or public transportation. There is also a new feature that shows bike trails and bike-friendly areas on roads.
To make this new feature happen, Google partnered with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, a nonprofit group that converts old rail lines into bike trails.
To coincide with the launch of the app, Google has a cycling contest going on that involves Twitter. To be part of it, you simply have to tweet with the hashtag #bikewithgoogle. The randomly selected winner will get a voucher for $2,500 to be used at American Cyclery.

That seems all good news for cycle enthusiasts, we will just have to be patient for England to also be part of it, we’re bike lovers as well!

TweetPhoto social media integration

Ever heard of TweetPhoto? You may know TweetPic better because of its popularity, but TweetPhoto has also a lot of potential.

TweetPhoto has made some nice updates. When it first launched back in April 2009 it already had useful features, including Foursquare integration and a partnership with Kodak.
Well today TweetPhoto becomes a photo sharing service on its own, by getting more social features and a new iPhone app, ‘TweetPhoto Pro’.
You can now sign up though your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace accounts and Foursquare as well. The site will also be rolling out LinkedIn support in the next few weeks. Another good point is the fact that the service can also link your social networking accounts together. This will enable you to connect all your accounts together and your photos you will be uploading to TweetPhoto can be simultaneously broadcast to all of the networks. The startup has also submitted similar apps for Android and Blackberry platforms.

As they say, photo-sharing is now made simple!

Bring the World Cup 2010 to your mobiles

The 19th Fifa World Cup isn’t that far away, a couple of month and the 11th of June will be here before you know it. Not got a ticket? Would you like to feel more involved, and have the opportunity to follow the qualification results as they happen?

Well if you’re the owner of a smart phone, then your in luck! BBC the broadcaster has announced that the World Cup matches will be broadcast live to smartphones. Meaning that you will be able to watch every BBC England game live on your mobile, as well as clips of every goal scored in this summer’s tournament.
BBC is launching this iPhone app in April, it will deliver breaking news video, the latest stories and features from its website.
Initially, the apps will launch only on Apple’s iPhone, however, similar versions are planned for Blackberry and Android operating systems later in the year.

This summer, let the Fifa World Cup come to you, and enjoy the fact that you can be the one to have all the scoops first.

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