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Universal Music Group brings record label’s artists to social games

Universal Music Group (UMG) signed quite an unexpected partnership with ‘Conduit Labs’, a startup that creates musical social games. It has the largest catalog of any music games company, their goal is to change the way that people discover and experience music with friends.
This new partnership will provide access to every users of the UMG’s library of licensed music from the record label’s artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Little Wayne, The Killers, Black Eyed Peas and much more.
All of Conduit Labs’ games are free but the users will have the option of purchasing virtual items, such as songs, to further personalise their experience. So while playing you can have access to every music playlist you like. You can also purchase separate digital downloads of UMG music.
Conduit uses a virtual goods model to sell music within games and songs on the social network range from costing nothing to several dollars. Through the agreement, Conduit will share revenue from all sales of UMG’s music with the record label.

The company, which recently raised another $3 million in funding, is rapidly growing its userbase. Its Facebook game, Music Pets, has already surpassed one million monthly active users less than 30 days after its launch. Quite a successful startup, no wonder UMG signed the deal!


Lady Gaga’s viral videos pass one billion views

Viral videos today can be spread out so easily and fast, it’s amazing. Sometimes artist don’t even have to use TV anymore to reach people, the web is enough and maybe even better.
That’s what is happening with Lady Gaga, she just became the first artist to surpass one billion online video views with her three most popular videos, ‘Poker Face’ with 375 million views, ‘Bad Romance’ with 360 million views and ‘Just Dance’ with 273 million views. And with her last video release ‘Telephone’ featuring Beyonce, it was only release on the web on Vevo first and the impact was huge.

A lot of videos have become viral and some are still talked about like Susan Boyle’s famous tear-jerker song on Britain’s version of American Idol.
Using the web is maybe today’s best way to get known!

Brit Awards 2010

Who wasn’t in front of their TV yesterday following the Brit awards? Well if you weren’t, here’s a little update for you.

So yesterday was the 30th edition of the Brit Awards. The ceremony was held at Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London and was broadcasted live on ITV1, hosted by Peter Kay with Fearne Cotton.
A selection of the worlds top artists were there, including Lady Gaga, Florence + The Machine, Lilly Allen, JLS, Kasabian, Dizzee Rascal, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Cheryl Cole and Robbie Williams.
As usual Gaga stole the show with an elaborate white lace outfit and poignant performance which she dedicated to Alexander McQeen. She topped things off by wining all three awards she was nominated for, International Female Solo, International breakthrough and the International album award.
Kasabian won the British group, which hopefully made up for Tom Meighan’s fall onto the stage! While a surprised Lily Allen got the British Female solo award.
Jay-Z can’t have regrets by flying to London as he scooped up the International Male Solo award, dedicating it to his controversial performance at Glastonbury last year and The Spice Girls as inspiration!! Dizee Rascal finally managed to get his hands on a coveted Brit Award by winning British Male Solo artist
To wrap things up, Florence + The Machine won the Mastercard British album award ( Sponsors of the Brits for 3 years now) and an ecstatic, if not slightly tipsy JLS won the British Breakthrough Act.

A good year all round for British music. And quite an exciting night for everyone!

Lady Gaga meets “Smells like Teen Spirit”

I know you’re getting tired of hearing Lady Gaga everywhere…
But like we’ve already mentioned it lets don’t forget that Gaga is in first place for the online music winners on Last.Fm in 2009 and also one of Twitter’s most influential topics of 2009.
Anyway I just wanted you to listen to this Nirvana-Lady Gaga mash up to refresh you Gaga’s image !
It’s worth listening to it !
Just push play, you’ll be surprised !

Top 2009 online Hits !!

What are the main videos we watched this year ?
What was hot online in 2009?
YouTube’s most popular video of the year is Susan Boyle’s viral performance.
Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have all crowned Michael Jackson King of Search. Apple has declared “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas the best-selling single of the year.
But Lady Gaga tops’s charts as the most listened-to artist of 2009 !
We have to admit that she’s quite shocking but definitely original with her outlandish outfits and extravagant performances!
Her album, The Fame, had a total of more than 18 million plays on Last.FM.
So’s online music winners for the year is Lady Gaga in the first place, followed by The Killers with 12 Million plays and Lilli Allen in the third position with 10 million plays. There’s also The Prodigy in the fourth position followed by Franz Ferdinand.
Anyway it’s Gaga’s year, we’re so gaga !!!

Like Karaoke? You’ll go (Lady) Gaga over iOki

Arriving just in time for the festive season iOki turns your iPhone into fully fledged karaoke machine.
Just choose the song you want to sing and the app launches into its viewing mode, where the lyrics pop up on your iPhone screen. And for those secret divas amongst us, you can even record the song and share it with your friends, just copy the link that’s displayed once you’ve recorded and away you go.

Lady Gaga has recently partnered with iOki to launch her own fully Gaga-ized version of the app featuring some of her most popular songs. The app costs £2.99 and comes with 5 songs. However if Lady Gaga isn’t quite your bag you can easily log on to the extensive music library and download your favourite songs for an additional £1.99.

So get your iPhone out and your mates round. Who needs X Factor when you have iOki?

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