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A new site for those Creatives out there

This is a new cool looking site for advertising Creatives to showcase their work. Both individuals and agencies can sign up. It’s £9.99 a month for an agency to sign up. For this they get to view all the members’ portfolios and can contact them directly.

Creatives get 50mb of space for free and can upgrade to unlimited uploads for £3.99 a month.

It has a nice looking design, work can be viewed easily and it has good functionality.

So if you want to show off your creative talents then sign up to become a member and you could bag yourself a spanking new job out of it!


Facebook is launching ads based on user’s browser history

This week Facebook is having its F8 developer event on the 21st of April and Facebook has a lot of new projects to spread its roots through the web.

They’re going to use your web history to improve their advertising system. By following you around your web activity, Facebook will get to know you better. In that aim they are going to create online sharing buttons to interested websites. Users can click the Facebook button while off-Facebook, signaling the giant with new information about their preferences that will then be fed into algorithms for advanced, and dead-on, advert targeting.
During this conference, the company will also announce its change of words, the usual ‘Become a fan’ will now be ‘Like’ for brands pages.

Facebook sends Page admins weekly stat Reports

What a surprise we had this morning when we received a weekly Stat Report from or Facebook Fan page!

It’s new, Facebook has added another level of analytics for Fan Page admins, weekly email reports.
The report tells you the number of fans added, comments, likes and visits in the past week.
This feature wasn’t officially announced by Facebook but it follows January’s rollout of Post Insights which tells you the reach and feedback level of each item you post to a Fan Page. Meanwhile this feature will tell you details about your demographics, long-term growth and engagement trends.

This new feature is just a way for Facebook to make its pages more appealing to brands, which in the future will bring money with advertising.
Anyway it’s always good to know if you have added our Fan Page, it always cheers us up!
Here is our link if you’re interested.

Twitter launching an advertising platform

Would you like to have the option of advertising for your company or your products on Twitter, like you can do on Facebook?

Well, in a month you will be able to increase awareness of your firm by reaching all the different communities on Twitter as well.
According to a panel discussion between Seth Goldstein, the chief executive officer and co-founder of and Anamitra Banerji the head of product management and monetization at Twitter, Twitter’s ad platform launch is just a month or so away, it’s only a test phase though.
Twitter are aware of the fact they don’t have control on the way tweets are viewed and consumed, particularly those people advertising a product or brand. People are constantly “talking and engaging with brands, sharing their feedback,” so why brands wouldn’t start to participate as well?
Twitter added that they will make it “explicitly clear that a sponsor” paid for the ad, and make it “relevant and useful, so the user doesn’t think of it as an ad.”

Twitter definitely has to update us to make things more clear, but why not?
It will be a way for Twitter to earn additional money which could be used to improve Twitter’s infrastructure, increase reliability and reduce downtime.

Google uses Metro to advertise Chrome !

This morning, while going to work you must have seen like all of us, Google’s AD for Google Chrome in our daily tube magazine “Metro”.
The wrap-around cover and the article describes Chrome as “A fast, new browser. Made for everyone”.
If you read the article you will know why Google made that browser, what kind of features does it offers, such as the unique way it handles tabs and its Incognito mode !
It also aims to improve security, speed, and stability.
But the question remains, what are you going to do, are you gonna download it ?
I did and I’m loving it !! Your turn now !

Toshiba take armchair viewing to a whole new level

Yesterday saw the launch of Toshiba’s latest ad campaign to promote its new 2010 REGZA SV LCD TV series, Toshiba’s first with LED backlight and local dimming.

The video revolves around the journey of an “ordinary armchair” which was made out of biodegradable balsa wood and sent up 98,268 ft. Fitted with 4 GPS systems and attached to helium balloons, the journey was shot using Toshiba’s own IK-HR1S cameras.

This is the first of two videos with part two set to hit our screens in 2010 to promote the new range of Satellite T Series of ultra low voltage laptops.

Whilst this video is certainly attention grabbing, it’ll be interesting to see whether the TV sales reach the same dizzying heights the chair has or if it’ll be one of those campaigns where the advert is more memorable than the product.