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Will social Media inside a car ever be safe ?

As Ford announced it’s integration of social media into it’s newer models Pandora a report has come out questioning just how safe it is to be connected in our cars?

It’s not hard to see why they might be questioning it either when we take into account that in 2008 an estimated 6,000 people were killed and 500,000 injured due to mobile phone related car accidents.

So will all this new technology that Ford and no doubt other car manufacturers adopt, bring a safe way to connect with our social media during driving? Ford believe that voice and steering wheel-controlled social applications could bring social media to the driver’s seat in a safe and effective way, but it’s hard to think how tweeting at the wheel won’t be a distraction and anyone who’s tried to change tracks via voice control on their iPhone will know just how reliable voice activated devices are!


Do knot forget, all new Ford cars comes with bluetooth

It may be simple, but this very clever and original ad from Ford caught our eye this week. The advert highlights the fact that all new Ford cars will come with bluetooth as standard. However it is interesting they opted for Apple earphones considering their in-car connectivity comes from a partnership with Microsoft.

Pandora brought to your 2010 Ford !

Ford experiences digital content in their vehicles.
Today, the automotive company is breaking even more ground with the news that the next evolution of SYNC will support mobile applications.
Get ready to stream Pandora and tweet hands-free in your Ford.
It will start with support for Pandora for streaming online music, you’ll be able to listen to podcasts in your car, and OpenBeak for safe and hands-free tweeting while driving.
Basically you’ll be able to wirelessly control your smartphone applications in your car via the SYNC system with voice commands and steering wheel buttons.
It’s a brilliant development but as we all guessed it has a price, $1,200 Pioneer device with Pandora support !
But what an improvement though, you imagine how handy and fun it will be to do “digital’ in your car ?
I am already imagine myself driving while listening to streaming music, tweeting, controlling all my i-phone’s app…
Aren’t you ?

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