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First Twitter based Youtube Ranking service

A development firm ‘Tootcorp’ just launched ‘Zoofs’ a totally new and unique service based on Youtube video discovery. The new side comes out from the fact that the service will show the videos just on what people are talking about on Twitter. The service goes through all the tweets and applies an algorithm to filter out those which are the most popular.
The user interface has been built utilising Youtube’s support for HTML5 making it functional on devices such as the iPhone and the iPad.
You have got a ‘Must Watch’ ribbon, but you can also view only videos of a specific category, e.g. sports, news and politics or comedy and switch to a list format for an better overview or change the video upload date from anytime to last 72 hours.
According to information posted on the service’s website over 2.1 million videos have been discovered in the past 22 days.
Basically ‘Zoofs’ finds viral Youtube videos on Twitter for you! If you’re the kind of person who likes to be aware of the actual and the future trends, this service is for you.


iPad’s release in the US

A big event happened this week-end in the US. The iPad tablet was released on the market for the first time. And let’s say it was a success!

Apple managed to shift 300,000 of the devices on saturday alone. The same day users downloaded more than one million iPads apps and 250,000 e-books. More than 3,000 apps were available by Sunday morning, with a lot of key music apps including Shazam, Pandora, Muziic and Tap Tap radiation.
It’s not over yet, Apple still has a lot of treats for you, they announced that this Thursday they will unveil the next generation of iPhone 4.0 software. This version will allow apps to run ‘in the background’ which is a big thing for music apps.

For a while we didn’t really know the response the public would have for the iPad, but after this week-end I think we can say it’s quite optimistic!

Record any sound and share it on AudioBoo

Have you ever heard of AudioBoo? It’s a audio-blogging startup and a iPhone app as well designed to allow users to post and share sound files on the AudioBoo website.

What it does is it allows you to record and playback digital recordings up to 5 minutes long that you can share with your friends on the website platform. However, from today, anyone who has recorded more than 20 audioBoos over the last 12 months will be offered an extended recording duration of ten minutes.
The service has also planned to have an app for the iPad and an Android app is coming up soon.

A lot of projects for a young company that is only turning 1 year old today. Happy Birthday!

HP’s computer Tablet

Watch out, the iPad has a rival hot on it’s heals, but it’s not like it wasn’t expected!

PC giant HP has launched an attack on the iPad, by releasing a video introducing its ‘Slate’ tablet that will run the Windows 7 operating system. With applications built around Adobe’s Air technology, photo editing tools and a digital version of The New York Times, also the key addition of being able to run Adobe Flash content. One of the major flaws left out on Apple’s iPad.

HP is running it’s online Ad from sites such as YouTube and MTV. HP’s Slate will offer a full capacitive touchscreen and the familiar pinch-to-zoom gesture. Overall, the design resemblance to the iPad is there, the Slate could clearly be a tablet for those who want an iPad-like device running on a Windows system, and for those who want to stream web video or Facebook games.
It will be available this year, but a date is to be confirmed.

Obviously HP has made a really good job preparing its rival tablet and is ready to join the competition.
It’ll be interesting to see if it can rival the popularity of the Apple iPad.

Apple airs first iPad ad

Here it is, Apple’s first iPad TV ad is out. It was aired during last night’s Oscars coverage.
It’s always a big moment when Apple releases a new commercial, we’re use to their creativity and to their colourful, animated ad videos.
Well this one is not quite the same, nothing really that exciting about it. We just see the hand of a man at home picking up the iPad to check out videos, read the New York Times, flip through book pages and check his private mails.
Anyway, choosing the Oscars to release the ad is not common, in 1984 Apple released the ad that launched the Macintosh computer during the third quarter of the Super Bowl. That ad definitely marked everyones mind by its originality.

The iPad’s ad shows it as a mainstream device for private entertainment. It will be on sale in the US for $499 on the 3rd of April and it will hit the stores in the UK in late April. Stay put!

iPad’s commercial spoof

That didn’t take long for a parody of the iPad to come out.
You must have seen the iconic “I’m a mac” ads with Justin Long as Mac and John Hodgman as PC.

Well today was launched a parody of the new iPad, which involves Jersey Shore’s MTV show “The situation” debating against iPad.
We know the comparison seems at first hard to tell but when you look at the video you’ll understand why.

As usual a funny commercial spoof, worth watching!

New picture of the iPad

Not what you were expecting? It wasn’t what we expected to see either, but it seems that in terms of name Fujitsu may have got to the “iPad” first.

Fujitsu applied for a patent for the name “iPad” back in 2002 however this was stalled due to an earlier filing by another company and later lapsed, although Fujitsu did try to revive this before the release of the Apple iPad.

Looks like there’s another lawsuit hiding in the wings for Apple.

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