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Here is another great online find:

It’s proprietary software that lets you record what is going on on your desktop including audio as well as recording external sounds too. It lets you record for up to 5 minutes and then allows you to tweet or to send the url to your friends/followers. It provides you with the code to embed it into your own site as well.

Oh what fun! Here is an example of how this looks.

Our Screenr screencast


We have just discovered something quite exciting. It’s similar to chat roulette in that people can watch you live but with they give you your own channel to broadcast from.

You can log into the site and can attach a webcam or mobile phone (with a video function) to their software and start broadcasting yourself immediately. During the 20 minutes that we were live we had managed to attract 23 viewers that were IMing us with advice on how to block people and asking where we were from, it was quite overwhelming at first.

If you are not shy,a bit bored and fancy broadcasting something live then it’s quite entertaining. They do have a warning banning lewd and violent behaviour luckily and we were told that your channel is pulled quickly if they detect you breaking the rules. If you can behave yourself, however, then your channel will go out to 250 countries live, so if you fancy your chances at stardom then this could be the start of something beautiful! Your sessions are recorded and you can send a link so people can watch you live or a link to the recording of the session so they can watch it at a later date. It hooks up to facebook, twitter and the usual.

There is an option to make your channel private and to put an access code on it so if you want just your friends to see what your doing then that can be arranged.

On the whole a great online find that could potentially be a lot of fun!

The Social Network – reviewed

I must admit I was sceptical when I realised there was a facebook movie coming out, however, I was pleasantly surprised by it. It managed to create excitement and portray the bitterness over the ownership of facebook well.

It is essentially a college movie so has women, parties, relationships, popularity issues and as in many college movies there is a strong rise of the underdog (the geeks) theme. However, this time it is a real story.

The start-up of facebook is the ultimate finger-in-the-face tale, young Zuckerberg got his dumped by his girlfriend which spurred him on to prove himself and to get even. In the mean time he became privy to an idea that he is said to have stolen from the Winklevoss brothers, the good-looking, tanned, rich members of the exclusive Phonenix Club and part of the row crew. Instead of meeting them to continue talks he allegedly took the idea, created it, improved it and beat them to market. Hence why they took him to court and were awarded a $65 million out of court settlement,which does give some weight to the story.

There is a real sense of entrepreneurial spirit in the film which is quite inspiring if you have ever had the notion of owning your own business.

Justin Timberlake plays Sean Parker who started Napster, the music site that was the first to ‘share’ files, and who is now a 7% shareholder in facebook. It tells of his involvement in the rise and development of the site.

It also tells of the relationship Zuckerberg had with once friend and original CFO, Eduardo Saverin, who also took him to court over ownership issues.

It does sound like there was a lot of back-stabbing and legal wrangling going on but that does make for a good story.

The story of facebook is all part of our colourful social (media) history so it’s worth a watch I think. However, I’m not sure it is Oscar worthy as it is being touted as.

At cinemas now.

The Social Network – The Movie!

Has the world gone mad or is it true that they really are making a movie about Facebook? Yes, it’s true. Well whether this is wrong or right, entertaining or not, you can not deny that the Facebook story is quite unbelievable.

I think a lot of people know the story of how Facebook came to be. However, if not then on October 15th 2010 you can watch the 120 minute feature length film which delves into the rise of Facebook, the phenomenon! (said with Hollywood-style gusto).

It tells of the alleged back-stabbing and shenanigans going on surrounding Zuckerberg and his associates. (I think that sounds like there is potential for scandal which is always exciting.)

Facebook has changed the way we communicate with people from all over the world and is life changing and enhancing to many. It will go down in history but let’s see if this film will?

Frieze Art Fair, 14-17 October, Regents Park

If you are a lover of art you will be sorely anticipating Frieze Art Fair which takes place every October in Regents Park.

New and established artists alike will be displaying their work to an an international audience of culture vultures.

There will be 170 galleries from around the world displaying and selling art.

The programme includes showcasing of the Frieze Projects, talks, the Cartier Awards as well as music, film and education.

Frieze Projects commission artists to create pieces for the event. This year artists such as Shannon Ebner & Dexter Sinister will display their work as well as many others.

The talks will be given by artists, writers, directors and photographers on topics from politics to the afterlife! There is also discussion on how the digital world is affecting ownership of images.

Tickets are £25 per day and £15 for concessions.

Google TV

The latest in Google news is that they are partnering with media and app companies in order to launch Google TV later this year in the US. The European dates have not been announced as yet.

Google said, “One of our goals with Google TV is to finally open up the living room and enable new innovation from content creators, programmers, developers and advertisers.”

It could revolutionise the way we watch TV even further and could catapult young media talent into the public domain.

Google TV is going to benefit it’s members by delivering the very latest in news. For example the NBA has built an NBA Game Time application that delivers up-to-date basketball scores and highlights from games. This use of mobile phone technology and on demand TV is offering up the next step in the fusion of media and the internet.

Sites such as CNN, Cartoon Network, TBS and TNT have been optimised for the launch and Napster, Twitter and the New York Times are being optimised right now. HBO are getting involved and Amazon Video on Demand is supplying TV and movie titles along with many others.

So get ready for the next big movement! It should be interesting to see how this one pans out.

Nike World Cup advert – Write The Future

In case you hadn’t noticed it’s World Cup year and there is an abundance of adverts on TV with everybody trying to cash in on it. There’s John Barnes rapping in a bid to sell Mars Bars, and the likes of Dame Ellen McArthur and Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor trying to sell Carlsberg, but one ad stands head and shoulders above the rest. Nike are well known for making big budget, creative commercials and this one has already got over 11 million views on YouTube. Rooney to win it for England?

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