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Let Twitter Trends Map show you what the world is talking about

What are people are talking about in other countries, what are their main topics?
It’s always nice to know what’s happening outside our culture. Well Bing, Microsoft’s web search engine has developed a service for that. It’s Mashable’s ‘Twitter Trends Map’. The map tells you in real-time the top ten most tweeted topics in major cities, in US and internationally.
It’s easy, just type the name of the city you’re interested in, and let the map do the rest.
So now you have no more excuses for not knowing what’s popular in San Francisco or Madrid.

Our local trends right now in London are Election, Cleggmania, #hungparliament, #ukelection2010, #ukvote.
What a surprise!


Follow the UK Election online as it happens

Today is polling day, stay constantly updated until the results by following the election online.

We already mention the fact that this election is UK’s first ‘social media election’. But today some other features have been added. You can tell your friends you’ve voted by pushing the ‘ I voted’ button on Facebook. A counter is also there to track how many users have voted. The Guardian is using a Twitter mashup to plot votes on a map. People when they voted just have to tweet about it the #UKvote hashtag.
When the voting’s over, you’ll have to find out who won, right? Well you could go on to see what the crowdsourced results say or you can see a broader view of the BBC’s election coverage here.
You can also get the results with ‘The Election 2010’ iPhone app that will give you live election results as they come in through the night.

Uniqlo creates your own Twitter show!

Here is another online social media campaign. Uniqlo, the popular clothing retailer is tapping into the popularity of Twitter by creating UTweet to promote its latest t-shirts.
It’s a cool campaign actually, you just need to enter your Twitter username and then you’ll get your personalised ‘Twitter show’ based on the history of your messages posted. It uses audio and imagery to tell your story. Then you have the option of sharing it to your friends of course, the more who knows the better!

Try it, that’s how our Twitter show looks like, your turn now!

First Twitter based Youtube Ranking service

A development firm ‘Tootcorp’ just launched ‘Zoofs’ a totally new and unique service based on Youtube video discovery. The new side comes out from the fact that the service will show the videos just on what people are talking about on Twitter. The service goes through all the tweets and applies an algorithm to filter out those which are the most popular.
The user interface has been built utilising Youtube’s support for HTML5 making it functional on devices such as the iPhone and the iPad.
You have got a ‘Must Watch’ ribbon, but you can also view only videos of a specific category, e.g. sports, news and politics or comedy and switch to a list format for an better overview or change the video upload date from anytime to last 72 hours.
According to information posted on the service’s website over 2.1 million videos have been discovered in the past 22 days.
Basically ‘Zoofs’ finds viral Youtube videos on Twitter for you! If you’re the kind of person who likes to be aware of the actual and the future trends, this service is for you.

Samsung to organize the World’s biggest Dodgeball Game

On the 12th of May in New York City something pretty unusual is going to happen.
Get prepared to see what sport and an electronic worldwide company could do together.

Samsung is organising the biggest game of Dodgeball ever. Samsung’s aim here is to set the Guinness World Record for the largest game. For this event there will be 1,500 dodgeball players but also 600 balls on hand to be used in the record-setting game. Players will have the opportunity to win Samsung Reality new phones and gift cards. This event has obviously been created to launch ‘The Reality’ Samsung’s new social networking phone. It’s quite an impressive advertising campaign.
Why did the company choose Dodgeball as a sport though? Maybe they fought it would be funnier and it would gather more people.

If you want to be part of the event, it’s never too late, you can RSVP through it’s Facebook page by clicking the Dodgeball tab and inputting all of your information. You can also stay updated via the hash tag #dodgethis through Twitter.

Picasa now has Twitter, Google Buzz and Blogger sharing

Google’s photo sharing platform Picasa has made a couple of updates today.
The new Picasa will now allow visitors and album owners to share photos with friends on different social networks. Now while you’re looking a photo album, you will also see three new sharing options, Twitter, Google Buzz and Blogger. You just have to click one of the icons and the selected photo or album will be shared to one of the chosen social network.
That’s a really good update but not unique, Flickr users have had Twitter functionality and a URL shortener for quite a long time now.

Win a pair of Jimmy Choo by using Foursquare!

Jimmy Choo is running a real-time treasure hunt around London, using location-based social media tool Foursquare.
Get prepared, over the next few weeks, a single pair of trainers from the new Jimmy Choo trainer range will check in fashionable, trendy hangouts around London. It will send real-time updates about its whereabouts. ‘The Pair’ will only stay for a few minutes, the lucky person who reaches the venue in time to catch the trainers will win a pair in their size.
It’s the first time that Jimmy Choo uses a social media tool to engage its audience. Quite a smart campaign though!

So hurry up, login to Foursquare and join the trainer hunt otherwise you can always stay updated on Twitter and Facebook.

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