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The latest in online dating –

Move over My Single friend and, here comes!

So if you love your music and can’t get enough of gigs and live events then you are probably put off by the idea of dating someone with no taste or bad taste or just no interest in music. These people do exist! Music snobs out there won’t even consider dating someone that is not seriously into their tunes man!

So this great new site has been born The idea is that you choose people to date because of their taste in music. It is linked to your account so takes your likes from there but there is also the feature to add as many bands as you like. It also links to facebook so you can choose some pictures to add to your profile and the best thing is that it is free to use.

You can also add a link to youtube or to a favourite website to show potential dates what you are into.

As ever the internet is connecting us to people with similar interests and making it just a little bit simpler to meet people. We think this is a winner so why don’t all you single people out there give it a go!


Frieze Art Fair, 14-17 October, Regents Park

If you are a lover of art you will be sorely anticipating Frieze Art Fair which takes place every October in Regents Park.

New and established artists alike will be displaying their work to an an international audience of culture vultures.

There will be 170 galleries from around the world displaying and selling art.

The programme includes showcasing of the Frieze Projects, talks, the Cartier Awards as well as music, film and education.

Frieze Projects commission artists to create pieces for the event. This year artists such as Shannon Ebner & Dexter Sinister will display their work as well as many others.

The talks will be given by artists, writers, directors and photographers on topics from politics to the afterlife! There is also discussion on how the digital world is affecting ownership of images.

Tickets are £25 per day and £15 for concessions.

Spotify goes social with Facebook

Starting today Spotify is going social. It’s creating a true social network inside the Spotify service by integrating Facebook connect features.
Spotify users will now be able to connect to their Facebook page and import friends from their profile who are also registered as Spotify users. Connected friends will become visible in the Spotify browser.
It will also synchronise your existing music collection with your Spotify account. Users will also have an inbox to which tracks can be dragged and dropped for recommendation. Songs appear in the inbox and can then be clicked and streamed by the user whose inbox they have been dropped to. The quick link sharing, drag and drop inbox is faster and simpler than the previous sharing options via URL link. A band could for example announce a new playlist of tracks from their Facebook page and fans can immediately subscribe to that playlist and spread news of the playlist. The new library feature is very good as well because now Spotify becomes a music management platform, in the way you can put all of your music in one place.

That’s a lot of new features Spotify, thank you!

iTunes Festival 2010

iTunes’ Festival is back this summer, same place as last year at Camden’s Roundhouse in London. It’s the fourth annual month long event where artists play in the name of music and the iTunes Store. More than 60 artists will be performing live during 31 consecutive nights.
Every show will be recorded and available on iTunes. Only venues of the 3 opening nights are known all of the others will be announced via Facebook, Twitter and email alerts over the coming weeks. You can win free tickets through competitions.
You can apply for as many gigs you like, each competition entrant has the chance to win one pair of tickets per date of the Festival. Apply right now, the countdown has started!
iTunes is also giving away hundreds of tickets for every night on the UK iTunes Facebook page.
You will also be able to see behind the scenes photos and the latest news on Twitter.

Paul Hardcastle’s remake of its iconic track ’19’ to be released today globally!

It’s been 25 years in waiting, but the time is here for the highly anticipated remake of Paul Hardcastle’s iconic record 19 to be released globally. From today (19th April) you will be able to download all versions of 19. Including “Boys To War”, “The Vision” “Welcome To Hell” mixes and a special remix by Ministry of Sound DJ Richard Murray. The 25th Anniversary Edition has been inspired by the plight of service men and women in Afghanistan.
Show your support to a record and an artist willing to stand up for a subject that too many people are turning a blind eye to. A percentage of profits for 19 will be going to charities dedicated to helping those helping us.

Get your copy TODAY from iTunes (globally) and iTunes, Amazon, 7digital, Play, We7, HMV, Juno (remixes), Beatport (remixes) in the UK.

Here is the link to the tracks on iTunes.

Buy your gig tickets on MySpace!

MySpace just added a brand new cool service to the social networking site.
You can now buy tickets to see your favourite band through their profile pages. The updated site also now includes a calendar tool so that fans can follow when tours and concert are happening and when new record releases are scheduled.
This ‘MySpace Events platform’ also allows you to check your friend’s calendar to see what shows they are planning on going to. When one of your friend buys a ticket, a notification will tell you about it.
MySpace will take a cut of all ticket sales. It currently has a database of around 1 million shows happening this year.

It’s a smart move from MySpace, since they have been struggling to catch up with other social network like Facebook and Twitter. This new service is going to get a lot of attraction, we would think!

Facebook a social networking site but also an Online music store soon!

Soon, iTunes maybe won’t be your first choice for music downloads!
A digital music company called ‘WaTunes’ came to a licensing agreement with Warner Music Group, after signing up with Universal and EMI.
Warner has licensed its full catalog of music for ‘WaTunes’ and its new Facebook application. With that application you will now be able to buy high quality MP3 music on Facebook without leaving the social networking site. Artists like Madonna, Seal, The White Stripes and lots more will be available. You don’t even need to create an account on ‘WaTunes’ to stream 30 seconds of the song, or even buy it.
You can also share the songs or the albums you’re listening to on your friends facebook wall MySpace or Twitter.

Unfortunately ‘WaTunes’ Music store app is only available in the US for now. We’ll have to be a little patient before we can have the pleasure of using our facebook pages while browsing and downloading new music.