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Phishing attack on Twitter

Twitter has had it’s ups and downs since launch, but nothing much worse than shutting down for a short period of time. Now, Twitter is facing a barrage of spam attacks!

For those who use Twitter regularly, you may have noticed the odd strange message appearing in your account. These may be titled “lol, is this you”, “Lol. this is me??”, “lol , this is funny” etc. These are aimed at getting unsuspecting users to give there Twitter credentials away in return for seeing a funny picture. Known as ‘Phishing’, these users will then take your details and use your account to send spam. Bad times. Particularly as these are now advertising Viagra related messages!

IT security firm Sophos now has detailed info on the attacks and a video describing them, and how you can avoid becoming a victim. We’ve attached this below.

Hopefully Twitter can get this under control and keep us all safe from pesky phishers!


The holidays are coming and so is Jazzmasters 6 – Paul Hardcastle

Well I’ve been a busy bee recently and the weeks seem to have flown by! Whilst I’m sure you’ll be amazed that the Christmas shopping is now done in the Hardcastle household, I’m sure you’ll be even more interested in the progress I’m making with Jazzmasters 6. It is sounding so smooth, and I may even post a few snippets online in the coming weeks, as a sneak preview. So watch this space as they won’t stay up for long!

The finishing touches are now in place for my next single, which will be out in the new year. I don’t want to say too much about it now, but I think you’ll all enjoy it.

After all this I think I deserve a break, so I’ll be jetting off to my favourite destination, the Maldives, for a nice little rest. I’m really looking forward to it, well except for the long flight ha-ha!

Click here for a Chatterbox festive treat.

Paul Hardcastle

Paul Hardcastle – Behind the Scenes

As most of you know I was in the studio last week working on some really interesting stuff. A lot of what we worked on was filmed so I have decided to put together a behind the scenes video for everyone who follows the Chatterbox blogs, so you can watch me work my magic ha-ha!

I’m just editing the footage and then i’ll upload the first bit soon.

Paul Hardcastle