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The Social Network – The Movie!

Has the world gone mad or is it true that they really are making a movie about Facebook? Yes, it’s true. Well whether this is wrong or right, entertaining or not, you can not deny that the Facebook story is quite unbelievable.

I think a lot of people know the story of how Facebook came to be. However, if not then on October 15th 2010 you can watch the 120 minute feature length film which delves into the rise of Facebook, the phenomenon! (said with Hollywood-style gusto).

It tells of the alleged back-stabbing and shenanigans going on surrounding Zuckerberg and his associates. (I think that sounds like there is potential for scandal which is always exciting.)

Facebook has changed the way we communicate with people from all over the world and is life changing and enhancing to many. It will go down in history but let’s see if this film will?


Your online fashion detector !

Ok we already thought that shopping online through Facebook was quite nice but this new service is really unbelievable.
Westfield London mall has created a tool that can identify clothes or products from online photos, cell phone photos and then tell you in which store you could buy the same product. It first recognise from who the clothe is from and then directs you to the nearest shop where you can purchase it.
If you love the dress that this girl is wearing in front of you just take a picture of her (discretely of course) and then use the mobile app to have the same results.
It’s really a great service but apparently we’re going to have to wait a bit longer, because it’s doesn’t seem to be available online for now.
You could watch the demo for now though!

Follow the UK Election online as it happens

Today is polling day, stay constantly updated until the results by following the election online.

We already mention the fact that this election is UK’s first ‘social media election’. But today some other features have been added. You can tell your friends you’ve voted by pushing the ‘ I voted’ button on Facebook. A counter is also there to track how many users have voted. The Guardian is using a Twitter mashup to plot votes on a map. People when they voted just have to tweet about it the #UKvote hashtag.
When the voting’s over, you’ll have to find out who won, right? Well you could go on to see what the crowdsourced results say or you can see a broader view of the BBC’s election coverage here.
You can also get the results with ‘The Election 2010’ iPhone app that will give you live election results as they come in through the night.

Samsung to organize the World’s biggest Dodgeball Game

On the 12th of May in New York City something pretty unusual is going to happen.
Get prepared to see what sport and an electronic worldwide company could do together.

Samsung is organising the biggest game of Dodgeball ever. Samsung’s aim here is to set the Guinness World Record for the largest game. For this event there will be 1,500 dodgeball players but also 600 balls on hand to be used in the record-setting game. Players will have the opportunity to win Samsung Reality new phones and gift cards. This event has obviously been created to launch ‘The Reality’ Samsung’s new social networking phone. It’s quite an impressive advertising campaign.
Why did the company choose Dodgeball as a sport though? Maybe they fought it would be funnier and it would gather more people.

If you want to be part of the event, it’s never too late, you can RSVP through it’s Facebook page by clicking the Dodgeball tab and inputting all of your information. You can also stay updated via the hash tag #dodgethis through Twitter.

BBC streaming leader debate on Facebook!

Tonight BBC will stream the expected live political leader’s debate on Facebook. It’s the first time for the broadcaster. CNN was first to partner with Facebook to provide live streaming of Barack Obama’s inauguration.
The debate will also be streamed live on it’s website.
The BBC’s political correspondents will also provide updates via Twitter during the debate, and users can give their reactions live.
The BBC will provide an embed code which will open up the debate for third-party sites to stream, as Sky did last week.
Don’t miss out!

Win a pair of Jimmy Choo by using Foursquare!

Jimmy Choo is running a real-time treasure hunt around London, using location-based social media tool Foursquare.
Get prepared, over the next few weeks, a single pair of trainers from the new Jimmy Choo trainer range will check in fashionable, trendy hangouts around London. It will send real-time updates about its whereabouts. ‘The Pair’ will only stay for a few minutes, the lucky person who reaches the venue in time to catch the trainers will win a pair in their size.
It’s the first time that Jimmy Choo uses a social media tool to engage its audience. Quite a smart campaign though!

So hurry up, login to Foursquare and join the trainer hunt otherwise you can always stay updated on Twitter and Facebook.

Online shopping becomes social with Facebook

Have you heard of ‘Adgregate Markets’? It’s a transactional advertising network.
It has just extended it’s e-commerce technology to Facebook with the launch of a social shopping app called ‘ShopFans’. This app allows retailers to set up a storefront on the social network, it allows consumers to purchase anything they want and make secure transactions straight on Facebook. Consumers can also post news feed stories promoting the brand by ‘Wish lists’ ‘I want this’ ‘Likes’ ‘Shout outs’.
This new feature adds a social element to shopping. Users can promote and share the brand’s message and products on Facebook, creating a viral advertising channel. Shoppers can share product ‘Likes’, share recent purchases with friends, rate and review products and receive “fan-only” special promotional deals from ShopFans’ storefront’s sales.

It’s exactly what Levi’s did with its online store. The only difference is they created their online social shopping platform without using ‘Adgregate Markets’.

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