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Here is another great online find:

It’s proprietary software that lets you record what is going on on your desktop including audio as well as recording external sounds too. It lets you record for up to 5 minutes and then allows you to tweet or to send the url to your friends/followers. It provides you with the code to embed it into your own site as well.

Oh what fun! Here is an example of how this looks.

Our Screenr screencast


We have just discovered something quite exciting. It’s similar to chat roulette in that people can watch you live but with they give you your own channel to broadcast from.

You can log into the site and can attach a webcam or mobile phone (with a video function) to their software and start broadcasting yourself immediately. During the 20 minutes that we were live we had managed to attract 23 viewers that were IMing us with advice on how to block people and asking where we were from, it was quite overwhelming at first.

If you are not shy,a bit bored and fancy broadcasting something live then it’s quite entertaining. They do have a warning banning lewd and violent behaviour luckily and we were told that your channel is pulled quickly if they detect you breaking the rules. If you can behave yourself, however, then your channel will go out to 250 countries live, so if you fancy your chances at stardom then this could be the start of something beautiful! Your sessions are recorded and you can send a link so people can watch you live or a link to the recording of the session so they can watch it at a later date. It hooks up to facebook, twitter and the usual.

There is an option to make your channel private and to put an access code on it so if you want just your friends to see what your doing then that can be arranged.

On the whole a great online find that could potentially be a lot of fun!

The latest in online dating –

Move over My Single friend and, here comes!

So if you love your music and can’t get enough of gigs and live events then you are probably put off by the idea of dating someone with no taste or bad taste or just no interest in music. These people do exist! Music snobs out there won’t even consider dating someone that is not seriously into their tunes man!

So this great new site has been born The idea is that you choose people to date because of their taste in music. It is linked to your account so takes your likes from there but there is also the feature to add as many bands as you like. It also links to facebook so you can choose some pictures to add to your profile and the best thing is that it is free to use.

You can also add a link to youtube or to a favourite website to show potential dates what you are into.

As ever the internet is connecting us to people with similar interests and making it just a little bit simpler to meet people. We think this is a winner so why don’t all you single people out there give it a go!

Royal Mail could help you to get your Tiny Idols t-shirts quicker!

At last Royal Mail are thinking about entering into the modern world!

How annoying is it to get one of those cards in the post asking you to go to a far away depot to pick up your package? It delays you getting your purchases and it is just plain inconvenient as you have to go collect the package at a specific time, there could be queues, you might have to take time off work to do this and so on. It’s not really what the doctor ordered and doesn’t fit in with many people’s busy lives. It could even put people off buying items online and not everyone works in an office, so it’s not always an option to have items delivered to work.

After some goading by online businesses, who say that Royal Mail are stifling growth in the online retail sector, they have decided to do a 6 month trial of night time deliveries for those that are not around in the day. House of Fraser and L’Occitane are part of the trial and Royal Mail say they are in talks with other retailers. We would have thought that amazon would be more than pleased to speak to them.

We’re sure it will be a success and will catch on which means you will be able to order items, such as a Tiny Idols t-shirt, and get it delivered to your home between 6-10pm without the fear of one of those red cards being popped through the letter box. Result!

We think it’s an excellent idea that will go down well with businesses and consumers alike and is a step in the right direction for Royal Mail. The way business is done is changing, our lives are changing so this traditional service that Royal Mail provides must change so it doesn’t lag behind in the progress stakes.

Royal Mail finally may be a help not a hindrance!

Myspace relaunch

It is a sad affair that myspace’s popularity declined. It was the original cool social network to join. Apparently Tom, it’s founder, wanted to keep things the same and had a lot of integrity which was obviously short-sighted at the time. You can not be so principled and steadfast in the online arena especially when the next big thing could be only round the corner. New features/sites are borne daily so you must be ahead of the game and be flexible.

Myspace losses quarter on quarter have increased from $136m in 2009 to $174m this year. The relaunch is trying to claw back some of this loss but if this relaunch is not a success then they will have to consider selling, but at what price?

Myspace started up in 2003 and its popularity peaked in 2007, two years after News Corp bought it, with over 100 million users. Obviously this looked like a sure thing but it was not long living.

So the new My_ site, now how the logo will appear, will be totally redesigned.

“Everything from MySpace – from the layout and design, to the colour scheme, and even our logo – has been remade to deliver the best social entertainment experiences.”

Myspace is where it started so it is your duty to at least give it a look. That’s if you can remember your log in details!

New Myspace!

The Social Network – reviewed

I must admit I was sceptical when I realised there was a facebook movie coming out, however, I was pleasantly surprised by it. It managed to create excitement and portray the bitterness over the ownership of facebook well.

It is essentially a college movie so has women, parties, relationships, popularity issues and as in many college movies there is a strong rise of the underdog (the geeks) theme. However, this time it is a real story.

The start-up of facebook is the ultimate finger-in-the-face tale, young Zuckerberg got his dumped by his girlfriend which spurred him on to prove himself and to get even. In the mean time he became privy to an idea that he is said to have stolen from the Winklevoss brothers, the good-looking, tanned, rich members of the exclusive Phonenix Club and part of the row crew. Instead of meeting them to continue talks he allegedly took the idea, created it, improved it and beat them to market. Hence why they took him to court and were awarded a $65 million out of court settlement,which does give some weight to the story.

There is a real sense of entrepreneurial spirit in the film which is quite inspiring if you have ever had the notion of owning your own business.

Justin Timberlake plays Sean Parker who started Napster, the music site that was the first to ‘share’ files, and who is now a 7% shareholder in facebook. It tells of his involvement in the rise and development of the site.

It also tells of the relationship Zuckerberg had with once friend and original CFO, Eduardo Saverin, who also took him to court over ownership issues.

It does sound like there was a lot of back-stabbing and legal wrangling going on but that does make for a good story.

The story of facebook is all part of our colourful social (media) history so it’s worth a watch I think. However, I’m not sure it is Oscar worthy as it is being touted as.

At cinemas now.


In case you have not heard of YouView, in brief, the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five as well as internet service providers BT and TalkTalk and transmission company and SeeSaw owner Arqiva have teamed together to create a new offering. It will allows those with terrestrial TV and broadband to save/record programmes on to a top-box much like Sky Plus and Virgin Media allows you to. The box will act as a storage facility which you will be able to access in order to watch programmes at a later date. Despite YouView offering a similar service to Sky Plus and Virgin Media, the part that is different is that, YouView will only ask for a one-off payment for the top-box leaving customers contract free yet able to watch TV on demand to their heart’s content!

There has been considerable opposition from the likes of Sky and Virgin Media as they feel that YouView’s arrival sparks trouble, claiming it will breach the Competition Act 1998. Ofcom have actually overruled this at present saying that it’s too early to determine if their entry to the market will harm competition and that they need to see how this new addition will act over the issue of access to content etc.

The YouView chief exec, Richard Halton, said, “We have been clear throughout this process that YouView will stimulate competition in the TV platform market and create opportunities for content providers and device manufacturers.”

We think that consumers would agree yet for the likes of Sky and Virgin it is going to mean a lot more hard work which we’re sure is not desirable.

The plan is to launch some products next year so we can all see how this one pans out then.

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