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Honda gets “electrified”

The future of vehicles for urban lives has arrived.
Honda will be unveiling its innovative concept at the Geneva Motor Show. They created the Honda 3R-C, it’s a small, zero-emission, three wheels vehicle designed to navigate congested city streets.
It uses an ‘electric powerplant’ that is located close to the ground of the three-wheeler’s chassis to lower the centre of gravity and boost stability.
It was created by Honda’s R&D team in Milan, and the Vespa-filled streets have clearly influenced the vehicle with its open air design and use of motorbike tyres.
The 3R-C concept will be standing to another eco-friendly project at the Geneva Motor show, the EV-N concept, an adorable retro design battery-electric concept.

Honda is producing a large choice of electrical vehicles, concepts coming in soon. They’re definitely aware of the importance of EV’s for our environmental future, and they’re ready for the electric era!


Green cabs soon in London

Is London going green? Indeed it seems like it since the mayor proposed clean air standards for taxis and that would take effect in time for the London Olympics 2012.

Eco City who sells and services taxis has announced the launch of an electric version of the Mercedes-Benz Vito taxi, the e-Vito.

Londoners are already used to grabbing rides in the regular vito since 2008 which has become a serious competitor to Manganese Bronze, the company which builds the traditional black taxis.
So with the future existence of the e-vito are we saying goodbye to our regular black cabs?
We should it’s an environmental concern for all of us.

Sixth of cars ‘electric by 2020’

According to Ener1 CEO Charles Gassenheimer, one sixth of cars will be electric by 2020 assuming that there is a mass infrastructure of charging points.


Gassenheimer believes that electric cars do not need big batteries capable of a range of 150 miles, but there is a real need for smaller, cheaper batteries capable of ranges up to 50 miles.

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