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Music dominates on Youtube

Who doesn’t take a look at Youtube at least once a day? We all do, it has became a routine, just to check out the latest movie trailer, music video of your favourite band or the daily scoop. Youtube has so many different categories mashed up together that basically any kind of topic can be find.

A study has been made by the research company Sysomos, to know which of the categories is the most watched. Well it appears that Music is the most popular category, accounting for 30.7% of all views on the video service. The music industry might be keen to know that that the main social group embedding video are bloggers aged between 20-35, accounting for 57.3% of all links
Of course this comes after Vevo, Youtube and Google’s premium music video channel.
Another study shows that Universal and Sony delivers an average 30m streams a day in the US.
Moreover earlier this year, comScore said that 92% of Vevo’s 35.4m visitors in December in the US actually came via YouTube rather than through Vevo’s own landing page.

So here are the main content categories on YouTube in order of popularity:

– music (30.7%)

– entertainment videos (14.6%)

– people and blogs (10.77%)

– news and politics (6.7%)

– sports (6.0%)

– comedy (5.2%)

– education (4.1%)

– film (3.6%)

– animation (3.2%)

– how to/style (3.1%)

– science and technology (2.86%)

– other (9.2%)


Youtube launches an Music Discovery Project

Everyone now uses Youtube to find Music videos of its favorite artist or band, and basically listen to music from there so it’s kind of logical that Youtube now creates its own music playlist maker.
When you connect to their new site there is a search box on top of which says, “Find>Mix>Watch,” and once you enter a name, you hit the “Disco” button to find music.
You can enter any music group or artist, and a playlist pops up, along with a thumbnail video and a description of the band. You can find related artists, create a mixtape, and save playlists. As you are listening to music and watching videos, it is easy to add and delete songs.
Playlists are saved to your regular YouTube playlists page, from where you can share them via email.
Isn’t that great? Should Spotify have fears?

A new Michael Jackson single has been released on Youtube !

Since Michael Jackson died, the interest of his unreleased work hasn’t stop increasing. That includes collaborations with some of the world’s best-known artists.
This week-end one of his song was released on the web and spread like wildfire.
This song “Another Day” is unique because it features legendary singer Lenny Kravitz, meaning it’s one of the first collaborations to surface since Jackson’s death.
Lenny Kravitz had mentioned the fact he had been working with Michael on a unreleased track back in June.
So until yesterday patience was the key world ! But at least now it’s out, on the web anyway.
Enjoy it on Youtube !!!