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First Twitter based Youtube Ranking service

A development firm ‘Tootcorp’ just launched ‘Zoofs’ a totally new and unique service based on Youtube video discovery. The new side comes out from the fact that the service will show the videos just on what people are talking about on Twitter. The service goes through all the tweets and applies an algorithm to filter out those which are the most popular.
The user interface has been built utilising Youtube’s support for HTML5 making it functional on devices such as the iPhone and the iPad.
You have got a ‘Must Watch’ ribbon, but you can also view only videos of a specific category, e.g. sports, news and politics or comedy and switch to a list format for an better overview or change the video upload date from anytime to last 72 hours.
According to information posted on the service’s website over 2.1 million videos have been discovered in the past 22 days.
Basically ‘Zoofs’ finds viral Youtube videos on Twitter for you! If you’re the kind of person who likes to be aware of the actual and the future trends, this service is for you.


Youtube’s First Video uploaded 5 years ago!

Even though Youtube’s birthday is on the 14th of February, today is kind of an important day to mention as well.
5 years ago, on the 23rd of April the first video was uploaded to the site. Like you can see below, the video ‘Me at the Zoo’ isn’t really interesting but still this video started Youtube’s revolution! Jawed Karim, the man you can see on the video, is the founder of Youtube.
By July 2006, more than 65,000 videos were uploaded to the site every day. In October that same year Google acquired Youtube for $1.65 billion.

And today no numbers are needed to show the success of Youtube, it has become a daily habit!

Facebook and Youtube join UK election debate

Political parties are now using social media tools to reach more people and in a more personal way.

Leaders of the three main political parties will be using Facebook and Youtube to respond to questions from the public in the first digital online debate before next month’s General Election.
Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will provide video responses to questions posted by users of the two social networks sites ten days before the election. Five categories will be covered, the economy, health and education, foreign policy, law and order and miscellaneous.
It’s the first time in the UK that there’s an online debate. Facebook’s director of policy Richard Allan says that ‘the dawn of the digital election this year is a transformative moment for democracy in Britain’.
The political parties have became more familiar with social networks, with a number of MPs using accounts on Twitter and Facebook to engage with their constituents as well as filming messages to be broadcast on YouTube.

If politics now uses social media to get there message spread out, we can definitely say that we are in a digital era. If you like to ask your questions and join the Digital Debate, you can go on Facebook or even Youtube.

The Indian Premier Cricket tournament streamed live!

If your looking to the start of The Indian Premier League cricket season starting, well this year you’re there is more than one way to follow all the action.

The Indian Premier League has become one of the world’s most popular sporting events. The third season is starting today (12th March 2010) in a few hours in India over a period of 45 days.
Youtube will be streaming full coverage of the tournament. You will be able to watch nearly live coverage (one to two hour delay) of the IPL from all over the world. But that’s not it, Google has also secured full internet broadcast rights for all 60 Indian Premier League matches and will be streaming every minute of them.
Everything seems ready for a powerful, unlimited and full streaming service of the big sport event. Things are definitely going to be different to NBC’s Winter Olympics coverage, where a lot of criticism was made about it.

This time you won’t miss a beat of the action. One thing is sure we are in a changing era where big sporting events are broadcast via the internet. And that’s what people want.

HP’s computer Tablet

Watch out, the iPad has a rival hot on it’s heals, but it’s not like it wasn’t expected!

PC giant HP has launched an attack on the iPad, by releasing a video introducing its ‘Slate’ tablet that will run the Windows 7 operating system. With applications built around Adobe’s Air technology, photo editing tools and a digital version of The New York Times, also the key addition of being able to run Adobe Flash content. One of the major flaws left out on Apple’s iPad.

HP is running it’s online Ad from sites such as YouTube and MTV. HP’s Slate will offer a full capacitive touchscreen and the familiar pinch-to-zoom gesture. Overall, the design resemblance to the iPad is there, the Slate could clearly be a tablet for those who want an iPad-like device running on a Windows system, and for those who want to stream web video or Facebook games.
It will be available this year, but a date is to be confirmed.

Obviously HP has made a really good job preparing its rival tablet and is ready to join the competition.
It’ll be interesting to see if it can rival the popularity of the Apple iPad.

Music dominates on Youtube

Who doesn’t take a look at Youtube at least once a day? We all do, it has became a routine, just to check out the latest movie trailer, music video of your favourite band or the daily scoop. Youtube has so many different categories mashed up together that basically any kind of topic can be find.

A study has been made by the research company Sysomos, to know which of the categories is the most watched. Well it appears that Music is the most popular category, accounting for 30.7% of all views on the video service. The music industry might be keen to know that that the main social group embedding video are bloggers aged between 20-35, accounting for 57.3% of all links
Of course this comes after Vevo, Youtube and Google’s premium music video channel.
Another study shows that Universal and Sony delivers an average 30m streams a day in the US.
Moreover earlier this year, comScore said that 92% of Vevo’s 35.4m visitors in December in the US actually came via YouTube rather than through Vevo’s own landing page.

So here are the main content categories on YouTube in order of popularity:

– music (30.7%)

– entertainment videos (14.6%)

– people and blogs (10.77%)

– news and politics (6.7%)

– sports (6.0%)

– comedy (5.2%)

– education (4.1%)

– film (3.6%)

– animation (3.2%)

– how to/style (3.1%)

– science and technology (2.86%)

– other (9.2%)

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