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A new concept musical App

There is a new completely different kind of app for the iPhone coming out soon. It’s a music related one. The app called Sonic Wire Sculptor is based on a musical instrument by Amit Pitaru which has been shown in museums and galleries world wide. This musician strives to create interactive animations with the same fluency as music.
What it does is it turns your 3D drawing into sound. It introduces a connection between visual and audio composition. The app takes advantage of the iPhones’s unique audio and input capabilities. This iPhone version was lead by Zach Gage with Amit’s support. It’s really easy to use so everybody can have the chance of creating their own original music by their drawings. And as for the real music artists it can only give them new ideas for their future creations.

If you want to know more about it, click here.


Tiger’s return to Golf broadcast in 3D

He’s back! The world has been expecting his come-back after his 5 months ‘break’. Tiger Woods will be competing in the 2010 Masters tournament next month, and you’ll be able to watch him in a completely different dimension! Comcast will stream live video of the Masters in addition to its traditional cable broadcast of the event and both will be available in 3D! It’s the 3D era, right?
Of course to appreciate the 3D experience you’ll need a 3D TV or computer, otherwise Comcast will stream about two hours of regular live footage each day. The 3D web stream will be available on the official Masters website.
Woods has already proven that he can draw a lot of viewers to a live stream, his post-affair press conference attracted 683,000 viewers on Ustream.

So imagine the numbers in a few weeks during the event, combining his golfing prowess, Tiger Woods’s popularity and the intense consumer appeal of 3D?

3D’s Revolution

It’s amazing how important 3D has become in our lives! It’s already predicted that by 2014 3D will be part of our homes, 40 million of 3D TV’s are expected.
But the 3D era is already here with SKY launching the first 3D live football match, Burberry broadcasting their fashion show in 3D or Youtube creating 3D videos. And today when someone mentions ‘Avatar’ everyone can’t seem to have enough words to say how fantastic and incredible the movie is. Not seeing it is almost like missing the most important social event ever! Now it’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ turn to have the same success.
3D filmmaking success is so big that James Cameron has plans to bring a classic back to the theatres in 2012, this time in 3D, ‘Titanic’. Thanks to computer technology, 3D effects can be added to films shot without the use of 3D-specific cameras like Cameron used for Avatar. That gives the opportunity to every old movie to get all freshen-up with a 3D lifting!
Warner Bros.’s upcoming ‘Clash of the Titans’ who wasn’t filmed in 3D is currently being converted to 3D in a eight-week period just to get more attention at the box office.

3D era is not the future anymore it’s here and people can’t get enough!

Burberry to broadcast first 3D fashion show

First there’s 3D football and now there’s something to keep all the fashionistas happy.

Burberry have announced they will be broadcasting their upcoming Autumn/Winter womenswear show to five locations around the world in 3D – New York, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo and LA. Here a 3D glasses-clad audience will be able to watch the show on “custom built silver screens”.

The show will take place at The Chelsea College of Art in London on February 23. Burberry are thought to be the first brand to attempt to simultaneously show an event globally. The event will also be streamed in 2D on the day, with users being able to comment through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Sky airs first live 3D football match

At first glance it appeared to be an ordinary football match as crowds gathered with a beer in hand to watch Manchester United vs. Arsenal yesterday. However these spectators were part of a lucky few who got to watch broadcasting history in the making as Sky hosted their first live 3D football match yesterday ahead of the launch of their 3D channel in April.

All clad with dark 3D glasses the crowd watched on as graphics appeared to hang in mid-air and TV logos jumped off the screen. Giving the audience the feeling that they are right there on the pitch with the players.

Only nine pubs across the UK were included in the sneak preview, however by April Sky intend to be airing weekly matches in 3D in a larger number of pubs.

Sky operations director Darren Long said “It’s not a gimmick – 3D is going to get better and better. “You can see the swerve of the ball, where the players are in relation to one another. You have a perception of depth which you have never had before. When you watch a golfer putting in 2D it looks flat – it looks easy. When you see it in 3D, you can see every bump and contour on the green and you really appreciate their skill.”

Get ready for 3D revolution

The 3D revolution is coming! It’s already been rumoured that in 2014 nearly 40 million 3D TV’s are expected to be in use. ESPN and Direct TV have already planned the launch of a 3D HDTV channel by June.

You may have enjoyed seeing “Avatar” in a 3D movie theatre. But that’s nothing compare to what’s gonna happen in the future. So to help you getting ready for it Youtube created 3D demo videos so you can see exactly what we’re getting excited about!
Put on your glasses or build your own and live the experience. Enjoy!

40 Million 3D TVs by 2014!

Who would thought that one day we’ll be watching TV with those stupid glasses ?
Well you should get ready for it, because in 2014, 40 Million 3D TVs are being expecting.
Youtube is already testing 3D videos. In 2009, Sony presented PS3 Games in 3D.
So you better get use to the idea, but I do think that when we’ll have the opportunity to try a 3D TV, we’ll be thrilled to get ourselves one !!!
I personally can’t wait to experience it!

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