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Here is another great online find:

It’s proprietary software that lets you record what is going on on your desktop including audio as well as recording external sounds too. It lets you record for up to 5 minutes and then allows you to tweet or to send the url to your friends/followers. It provides you with the code to embed it into your own site as well.

Oh what fun! Here is an example of how this looks.

Our Screenr screencast


We have just discovered something quite exciting. It’s similar to chat roulette in that people can watch you live but with they give you your own channel to broadcast from.

You can log into the site and can attach a webcam or mobile phone (with a video function) to their software and start broadcasting yourself immediately. During the 20 minutes that we were live we had managed to attract 23 viewers that were IMing us with advice on how to block people and asking where we were from, it was quite overwhelming at first.

If you are not shy,a bit bored and fancy broadcasting something live then it’s quite entertaining. They do have a warning banning lewd and violent behaviour luckily and we were told that your channel is pulled quickly if they detect you breaking the rules. If you can behave yourself, however, then your channel will go out to 250 countries live, so if you fancy your chances at stardom then this could be the start of something beautiful! Your sessions are recorded and you can send a link so people can watch you live or a link to the recording of the session so they can watch it at a later date. It hooks up to facebook, twitter and the usual.

There is an option to make your channel private and to put an access code on it so if you want just your friends to see what your doing then that can be arranged.

On the whole a great online find that could potentially be a lot of fun!

The latest in online dating –

Move over My Single friend and, here comes!

So if you love your music and can’t get enough of gigs and live events then you are probably put off by the idea of dating someone with no taste or bad taste or just no interest in music. These people do exist! Music snobs out there won’t even consider dating someone that is not seriously into their tunes man!

So this great new site has been born The idea is that you choose people to date because of their taste in music. It is linked to your account so takes your likes from there but there is also the feature to add as many bands as you like. It also links to facebook so you can choose some pictures to add to your profile and the best thing is that it is free to use.

You can also add a link to youtube or to a favourite website to show potential dates what you are into.

As ever the internet is connecting us to people with similar interests and making it just a little bit simpler to meet people. We think this is a winner so why don’t all you single people out there give it a go!

The Macbook Air

And there’s more! The latest in sleek design, Apple have taken the next step in minimising bulk and hassle for those on-the-go types.

The ipad is a very handy mobile unit but does not have the full functionality of a laptop. This has all the use of a Macbook Pro but less than half it’s weight at 1.06 kg rather than 2.54kg.

It is $1000 rather than $500 for an ipad or $300 for a netbook so as per usual is not a bargain. However, for those dedicated Apple followers that can’t be without the dazzlingly great graphic displays it could be a good compromise if you are finding it a bit much to be on the move with your heavy machine.

There is a 11″ or 13″ screen option and a bonus is that the screen resolution is 1,366-by-768 pixels compared to 1,024-by-768 pixels on most netbooks. The processor is not that fast like most netbooks, only 1.4-GHz Core 2 Duo. The battery life is 6 hours though which is pretty good. It is wider than a netbook so does have a standard size keyboard which most people will like a lot. The app opening time is really quick so there is no waiting around to be done here.

Again, if you have the money and you want a lovely new toy to play with then purchase away! Available at stores now!

Visit the Apple Store

Your online fashion detector !

Ok we already thought that shopping online through Facebook was quite nice but this new service is really unbelievable.
Westfield London mall has created a tool that can identify clothes or products from online photos, cell phone photos and then tell you in which store you could buy the same product. It first recognise from who the clothe is from and then directs you to the nearest shop where you can purchase it.
If you love the dress that this girl is wearing in front of you just take a picture of her (discretely of course) and then use the mobile app to have the same results.
It’s really a great service but apparently we’re going to have to wait a bit longer, because it’s doesn’t seem to be available online for now.
You could watch the demo for now though!

Foursquare is becoming more precise…

Foursquare the location-based social networking website is making a few updates just for you!

They are making the choices of ‘Places’ you have when you load the mobile app, more relevant. They announced this morning that their algorithms for serving up this data will be improved, taking into account things like time of day, proximity, and popularity of the venue in determining which places to show you.
These changes are a response to the rapid growth of the service and user behavior, some of which Foursquare probably didn’t anticipate back when they laid the groundwork for their app.

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