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Winter Olympics 2010, starting today

Later today the Olympic cauldron will be lit in Vancouver to launch the opening of the 21st Winter Olympics. This major international multi-sport and nationalities will be held from the 12th to the 28th of february.

In the next week, 5,000 athletes from 80 different countries will be competing in 15 events.
Britain has 52 athletes taking part in these Olympics which hasn’t happened since 1992. Hopefully we can improve on their medal total of zero!

This year though Britain is expecting other results with its two major world champions, David Murdoch for the the men’s curling team and the bobsleigh pairing of Nicola Minichiello and Gillian Cooke.
Britain also has a lot of expectations upon Zoe Gillings, top-ranked at snowsport, who is aiming to become Britain’s first medallist in the snowboard cross.

A lot of excitement and medal prospects these Games for Britain.
Here’s hoping for success as long as the snow falls!


Samsung and Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

Remember Samsungs viral videos for their sponsorship deal for the 2010 winter olympics ?

Well the show is definitely not over. However this time it’s all about Snowboard Basketball and epic boxing ice tricks.

Still as engaging and amazing!

Google has now a street view snowmobile

We all use Google maps, lets admit it, the street view option is great for letting you see where you’re going which makes it lot easier.

Up until recently Google had a special vehicle with a 360 degree camera mounted on top, bringing us sights from around the globe, but now Google engineers invented the Trike, a tricycle with a camera that can reach all those places where the Street View Car couldn’t go. But still neither of those two vehicles, can actually go out in the snow, that’s why Google created the Google Street View Snowmobile.

Just like the trike, it was invented by Daniel Ratner, and it was created especially for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver so it could be driven around the games for maps.
Get ready for beautiful snow views!

Coca-Cola creates its own Snowball Throwing Federation

Have you heard of the International Federation of Snowball Throwing? Well we hadn’t either until we spotted this.

To highlight their participation in the winter olympics Coca Cola have started a campaign to get Snowball Throwing recognised as an olympic sport by asking people to sign the petition and take part in snowball fights.

Fear not if you want to get involved but aren’t lucky enough to have been caught up in the recent snowfalls Coca-Cola has created a snowball throwing game in case you live in a snow-deprived country. Just click here and join the challenge, you’ll be able to fight against different countries and you can create your own character.

So if you too want to see snowball throwing included in the next winter olympics sign the petition now!

Samsung Mobile Explorers expect the unexpected

These viral-intended videos tie in nicely with Samsung’s sponsorship deal for the 2010 winter olympics which are being held in Vancouver.

But are they unexpected enough?