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The revamped myspace links to facebook

Myspace was relaunched in October and has finally decided it’s strength is the fact that it is a great music content site.

It is no longer competing with facebook and allows members to ‘like’ something and lets them log in and tailor content on their personal stream using their Facebook profile.

They are embarking on a huge marketing push and looking for advertisers to come on board in the coming months to rejuvenate the brand and reactivate it’s membership base.

Good luck myspace!


Remember, remember the 5th of November

Yes it’s Bonfire Night! We hope you are intending on watching some cool firework displays somewhere near you.

Here’s is a littler history in case you have forgotten why we celebrate Bonfire Night. Well it goes back to the year 1605 when Guy Fawkes and fellow conspirators plotted to blow up the House of Parliament as a protest against the monarchy not accepting their Catholic faith.

As November 5th drew closer some of the plotters got cold feet and sent warnings to their friends not to attend parliament that day. The information was leaked to the King, James I, and his men were told to storm the cellars of Parliament where they discovered Guy Fawkes with the gunpowder. He was later executed him for treason.

The people of England decided to celebrate the safety of the King, the day Gunpowder Plot was foiled, and since then November 5th has become known as Bonfire Night.

The event is commemorated every year with fireworks and burning effigies of Guy Fawkes on a bonfire.

Here are some online games that promote firework safety to keep you amused until later: Games!

We have just discovered something quite exciting. It’s similar to chat roulette in that people can watch you live but with they give you your own channel to broadcast from.

You can log into the site and can attach a webcam or mobile phone (with a video function) to their software and start broadcasting yourself immediately. During the 20 minutes that we were live we had managed to attract 23 viewers that were IMing us with advice on how to block people and asking where we were from, it was quite overwhelming at first.

If you are not shy,a bit bored and fancy broadcasting something live then it’s quite entertaining. They do have a warning banning lewd and violent behaviour luckily and we were told that your channel is pulled quickly if they detect you breaking the rules. If you can behave yourself, however, then your channel will go out to 250 countries live, so if you fancy your chances at stardom then this could be the start of something beautiful! Your sessions are recorded and you can send a link so people can watch you live or a link to the recording of the session so they can watch it at a later date. It hooks up to facebook, twitter and the usual.

There is an option to make your channel private and to put an access code on it so if you want just your friends to see what your doing then that can be arranged.

On the whole a great online find that could potentially be a lot of fun!

T-mobile flash mob ad aired simultaneously across 80 TV channels

T-mobile are at it again!

You might have seen this ad on facebook or flying around the web somewhere this week. It is similar to the flash mob event that T-mobile put on at Liverpool Street Station back in June 2009 when a crowd broke out into a choreographed dance routine to a megamix of pop songs which was pumped out over the tannoy. The dance off was captured secretly by planted members of the crowd and later spilled on to the web for viewers entertainment.

This time T-mobile decided to welcome back travellers, arriving at Heathrow – Terminal 5, by serenading them with songs such as Kasabian’s, ‘Oh my god I can’t believe it, I’ve never been this far away from home’ and Thin Lizzy’s, ‘the boys are back in town’.

The hundreds of dancers and singers that were involved in this spectacle certainly wowed and delighted the crowd at this highly entertaining event.

It’s definitely something you’d want to tell your friends about so ties in nicely with their tag line ‘Life’s for sharing’! Genius!

Happy Halloween!

If you want to send your friends a Halloween message how about you do some virtual pumpkin carving first?

If you are not intending to go out trick or treating this Sunday you might want to entertain yourself by playing this online game which sends the image you have created to your friends via email including a little message.

Well it’s better than knocking on their door demanding sweets!

Spooky Halloween Games!

Myspace relaunch

It is a sad affair that myspace’s popularity declined. It was the original cool social network to join. Apparently Tom, it’s founder, wanted to keep things the same and had a lot of integrity which was obviously short-sighted at the time. You can not be so principled and steadfast in the online arena especially when the next big thing could be only round the corner. New features/sites are borne daily so you must be ahead of the game and be flexible.

Myspace losses quarter on quarter have increased from $136m in 2009 to $174m this year. The relaunch is trying to claw back some of this loss but if this relaunch is not a success then they will have to consider selling, but at what price?

Myspace started up in 2003 and its popularity peaked in 2007, two years after News Corp bought it, with over 100 million users. Obviously this looked like a sure thing but it was not long living.

So the new My_ site, now how the logo will appear, will be totally redesigned.

“Everything from MySpace – from the layout and design, to the colour scheme, and even our logo – has been remade to deliver the best social entertainment experiences.”

Myspace is where it started so it is your duty to at least give it a look. That’s if you can remember your log in details!

New Myspace!

BA mobile boarding pass extended to Blackberry and Android

BA announced that since July 30,000 customers have been using the mobile boarding pass app which is now being rolled out to the Blackberry (currently) and on Android (November).

It is ideal for for customers on-the-run or business customers. I’m sure both would find the ability to check-in, to receive a mobile boarding pass and to get real-time flight information, and more, most useful.

You must be a member of the Executive Club to use the app but that is free to join.

Well this certainly beats the £40 Ryanair charge you to print out your boarding pass at the airport. Tisk, tisk!

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