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Burberry to broadcast first 3D fashion show

First there’s 3D football and now there’s something to keep all the fashionistas happy.

Burberry have announced they will be broadcasting their upcoming Autumn/Winter womenswear show to five locations around the world in 3D – New York, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo and LA. Here a 3D glasses-clad audience will be able to watch the show on “custom built silver screens”.

The show will take place at The Chelsea College of Art in London on February 23. Burberry are thought to be the first brand to attempt to simultaneously show an event globally. The event will also be streamed in 2D on the day, with users being able to comment through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Twitter is so in this season

Vogue, the magazine of the fashion conscious pays homage to Twitter and Twitpic in their Italian December issue by styling the entire magazine in the same vain as the popular micro-blogging site.

Inspired by the ease of which you can point, shoot and broadcast you’re life to the world, this issue features short status updates,¬†fashion photos shot in the recognizable and iconic style of photo-sharing sites such as TwitPic and thumbnail-sized previews of other photos.

Paul Smith Collaborates with Evian

Here is a cool little video piece currently running on Hypebeast to celebrate the colab between British clothes designer Paul Smith and French mineral water Evian. I wonder how much a bottle of that will set you back?!

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