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Audi A1 and Rolls-Royce launched their iPhone apps

To launch their new car ‘Ghost’ Rolls-Royce has released its iPhone Ghost design app. It’s free and you can design your own ‘Ghost’, choose all the options, the colours, it will be your ‘baby’.
Unveiled last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Ghost is in the line-up of ultra-luxury cars.
Audi launched an iPhone app as well for their new A1. The goal of the app is to collect objects and avoid various obstacles while driving plus piling up bonus points. As for the music inside the game it comes from artists like Torpedo, La Roux, The Rakes and Lo-Fi-Fnk. It’s a game that requires skills, the best drivers are featured on an international high score list. The high scores can be posted on Facebook or Twitter.
It’s definitely an action app compared to the Rolls-Royce one.
Both of the apps are free, so just treat yourself!


Audi wins Super Bowl

We are all aware of the huge competition that was going on during the Super Bowl between all the different ads.
Dodge,, Audi…. all of these companies have put a lot time and money for their ad to be recognised, talked about and voted by all of the Super Bowl followers.

Don’t worry if you missed any of them either, as today Youtube launches all of this years Super Bowl ads. It’s amazing how much impact companies have during this time.

Anyway while the Saints lifted the trophy, Audi sort of did the same thing by introducing their car of the year, the green Audi A3 TDI, green diesel. Their original ad showed the “green police” arresting people because they commit compost infraction or have in their possession an incandescent lightbulb, helping shine a light on the need to consider the environment and placing green awareness into peoples minds.

Audi Car Configurator on Microsoft Surface

While Audi’s R8 electric turned heads at this year’s IAA, the tech-happy German brand also debuted its A4 Configurator. Using Microsoft Surface, the Configurator allows multiple users to create the A4 of their dreams in an immersive 3D environment. Simple hand gestures or motions allow the user to alter virtually anything on the A4, with instant results. Paint finish, wheel and tire packages, and interior color scheme are just some of the options that will be available for the user to manipulate. Whether or not Audi plans to take their tech partnership to local dealers remains unknown, but this will surely be a welcome change from the tired 100-page option booklets that luxury car manufacturers cling so fondly to.

Audi Car Configurator on Surface @ IAA 2009 from Neue Digitale / Razorfish on Vimeo.

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