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Guitar Hero gets festive!

If you haven’t already put your Christmas decorations up I wouldn’t bother! Not content with the usual string of fairy lights, Ric Turner has decided to turn his festive decorations in to a fully working version of Guitar Hero.

The display uses 21,268 light bulbs and LEDs to create the giant game – that’s one electricity bill I wouldn’t want to get after the festive season!


The holidays are coming and so is Jazzmasters 6 – Paul Hardcastle

Well I’ve been a busy bee recently and the weeks seem to have flown by! Whilst I’m sure you’ll be amazed that the Christmas shopping is now done in the Hardcastle household, I’m sure you’ll be even more interested in the progress I’m making with Jazzmasters 6. It is sounding so smooth, and I may even post a few snippets online in the coming weeks, as a sneak preview. So watch this space as they won’t stay up for long!

The finishing touches are now in place for my next single, which will be out in the new year. I don’t want to say too much about it now, but I think you’ll all enjoy it.

After all this I think I deserve a break, so I’ll be jetting off to my favourite destination, the Maldives, for a nice little rest. I’m really looking forward to it, well except for the long flight ha-ha!

Click here for a Chatterbox festive treat.

Paul Hardcastle

Paul Hardcastle gets festive with his latest blog

With the festive season fast approaching I thought it was time to try my hand at a Christmas song and not just another one of those festive covers that seem to pop up around this time of year. This my friends is a Paul Hardcastle original Christmas track! I am so bored of the usual suspects that are churned out each year so tried to come up with something new and exciting whilst still being Christmassy. This track is available as a bonus track on The Collection which has just been released in the UK for the first time or as a single track here. I hope you like it and as always, would love to hear your opinions.

I feel like I haven’t left the studio recently as there are so many interesting projects planned for 2010 that I am busy working on. All I can say for now is that 2010 is going to be very exciting!

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