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A new site for those Creatives out there

This is a new cool looking site for advertising Creatives to showcase their work. Both individuals and agencies can sign up. It’s £9.99 a month for an agency to sign up. For this they get to view all the members’ portfolios and can contact them directly.

Creatives get 50mb of space for free and can upgrade to unlimited uploads for £3.99 a month.

It has a nice looking design, work can be viewed easily and it has good functionality.

So if you want to show off your creative talents then sign up to become a member and you could bag yourself a spanking new job out of it!


Samsung and Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

Remember Samsungs viral videos for their sponsorship deal for the 2010 winter olympics ?

Well the show is definitely not over. However this time it’s all about Snowboard Basketball and epic boxing ice tricks.

Still as engaging and amazing!

Join the revolution!

Think you know about social media? Well there’s a lot more to it than tweeting or checking out the latest video on YouTube. Don’t believe me? Well then check out this video by Socialnomics author Erik Qualman.

Could this be the start of something bigger than the Industrial Revolution? I think so!

Google creates its own Tablet as well !

What a surprise !
Competition had to come with Apple getting prepared to release their “iSlate” macbook tablet.
We were already talking about Asus and Dell’s project of busting out a tablet device as well !
Now rumour has is that Google is working on a tablet computer with HTC, the company that built the hardware for the Nexus One “Google Phone“.
Apparently HTC has “been working closely with Google for the past 18 months” on “several working models of a touch tablet”.
So the bets are on.
Can the Google Tablet rival the iSlate ?
The main question remains though.
Which one of these tablet is going to come out first and moreover which one will be the most successful ?

The Age of the Internet Tablet is near !

Since the rumour of Apple creating a MacBook tablet came out a few weeks ago, new companies make plans to bust out a tablet device as well !
Rumors have been flying about both an Apple Tablet and the Microsoft Courier, and now two new companies may have plans to bust out a tablet device: Dell and Asus.
Dell’s forthcoming tablet would be something like the Archos 5 Internet Tablet and Asus reportedly has plans to release an Eee Pad tablet device.
So what will it be?
The next big craze in computing, will it save print publishers ?
Anyway, I don’t really get the point of these internet tablets.

40 Million 3D TVs by 2014!

Who would thought that one day we’ll be watching TV with those stupid glasses ?
Well you should get ready for it, because in 2014, 40 Million 3D TVs are being expecting.
Youtube is already testing 3D videos. In 2009, Sony presented PS3 Games in 3D.
So you better get use to the idea, but I do think that when we’ll have the opportunity to try a 3D TV, we’ll be thrilled to get ourselves one !!!
I personally can’t wait to experience it!

Youtube and Universal launching a new music video website

Tonight’s the night to be in New York City !!!
Big launching party for youtube.
Tonight Youtube and Universal are launching their music video website in partnership with VEVO.
It turns out that some 85% of the music videos that are on YouTube will be hosted via VEVO. Sadly, for all the cinematography fans, VEVO will not be launching with HD video, that will be coming next year.
The service, to build buzz will be launching with exclusives from 50 Cent, and Mariah Carey. VEVO will be fully built into YouTube, so that when you search for an artist on YouTube, VEVO content will appear.
For now this new YouTube-powered website dedicated to music videos will only be in the US, but be patient it should arrive in the UK soon !!!