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Follow the UK Election online as it happens

Today is polling day, stay constantly updated until the results by following the election online.

We already mention the fact that this election is UK’s first ‘social media election’. But today some other features have been added. You can tell your friends you’ve voted by pushing the ‘ I voted’ button on Facebook. A counter is also there to track how many users have voted. The Guardian is using a Twitter mashup to plot votes on a map. People when they voted just have to tweet about it the #UKvote hashtag.
When the voting’s over, you’ll have to find out who won, right? Well you could go on to see what the crowdsourced results say or you can see a broader view of the BBC’s election coverage here.
You can also get the results with ‘The Election 2010’ iPhone app that will give you live election results as they come in through the night.


BBC streaming leader debate on Facebook!

Tonight BBC will stream the expected live political leader’s debate on Facebook. It’s the first time for the broadcaster. CNN was first to partner with Facebook to provide live streaming of Barack Obama’s inauguration.
The debate will also be streamed live on it’s website.
The BBC’s political correspondents will also provide updates via Twitter during the debate, and users can give their reactions live.
The BBC will provide an embed code which will open up the debate for third-party sites to stream, as Sky did last week.
Don’t miss out!

Bring the World Cup 2010 to your mobiles

The 19th Fifa World Cup isn’t that far away, a couple of month and the 11th of June will be here before you know it. Not got a ticket? Would you like to feel more involved, and have the opportunity to follow the qualification results as they happen?

Well if you’re the owner of a smart phone, then your in luck! BBC the broadcaster has announced that the World Cup matches will be broadcast live to smartphones. Meaning that you will be able to watch every BBC England game live on your mobile, as well as clips of every goal scored in this summer’s tournament.
BBC is launching this iPhone app in April, it will deliver breaking news video, the latest stories and features from its website.
Initially, the apps will launch only on Apple’s iPhone, however, similar versions are planned for Blackberry and Android operating systems later in the year.

This summer, let the Fifa World Cup come to you, and enjoy the fact that you can be the one to have all the scoops first.

By Royal Appointment – Zoe Smith

As a potential member of Team England for next year’s Commonwealth Games I had been invited by my governing body to take part in a weightlifting exhibition which was taking place today at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham as part of the “Queen’s Baton Relay”.  (In the year before a Commonwealth Games the Queen’s Baton makes a tour of Commonwealth countries, including England).

Although I’d said I really wanted to do this, especially as it meant I’d get a chance to meet up with 2 of my GB team mates (Hannah Powell and Ben Watson), my coach declined on my behalf as he was concerned that the unnecessary travelling wouldn’t be good preparation for this coming weekend’s competition in Sweden.  To say I was disappointed would be something of an understatement!

But as one door closes so another opens and I received an invitation for today via my local Council, Greenwich, to visit the Olympic Park where I would meet a VIP whose name couldn’t be disclosed to me.  There was a hint that the VIP would be a member of the Royal family and I guessed it might be Princess Anne because of her Olympic connections.

I had to make my own way from home to the Olympic Park which meant looking the journey up on the internet (where would we be without the internet and Googlemaps?!)  As usual my mum “helped” with my travel plans which actually meant that I arrived about 45 minutes too early – I think she factors in every conceivable problem that I might encounter but, of course, I encountered none and at least I know now how quick and easy it will be to get to the Olympic Stadium in 2012 !

After some waiting I was met and taken inside. There was quite a bit of waiting around before any members of the Royal family arrived, but after a while a few other athletes turned up so again I had fun socialising with more young people like myself. At this point I still had no idea who I was going to be meeting, so when somebody told me that it was going to be THE QUEEN I was absolutely shocked. What a once in a lifetime chance!

When she arrived, everyone in the room suddenly fell silent and you could actually feel the suspense, I could tell it was going to be an experience I wouldn’t be forgetting any time soon. I actually got to shake her hand, which was then later featured on the BBC News – which I discovered when I got a text from my friend in Manchester alerting me!

All in all, quite a day to remember!

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