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Picasa now has Twitter, Google Buzz and Blogger sharing

Google’s photo sharing platform Picasa has made a couple of updates today.
The new Picasa will now allow visitors and album owners to share photos with friends on different social networks. Now while you’re looking a photo album, you will also see three new sharing options, Twitter, Google Buzz and Blogger. You just have to click one of the icons and the selected photo or album will be shared to one of the chosen social network.
That’s a really good update but not unique, Flickr users have had Twitter functionality and a URL shortener for quite a long time now.


Get yourself tagged all over the web with ‘Taggable’

The notion of tags just got expand with ‘Taggable’ created by ‘The Start Project’.
What ‘Taggable’ does is it expands Facebook tags to the whole web. So if you’re on Facebook and you want to tag your friend on Flickr as well, you can now do it by using ‘Taggable’ bookmarklets.
Taggable isn’t just limited to users with bookmarklets added to their browser. Publishers can also add the feature to their sites. For blogs it’s very useful because people you may be friends with could be in the content. Those publications will then show the tags added by users, and those tags link back to a taggable page showing tags in a stream, by user.

It may seems a little confusing still, but in a few weeks it will be the next hit!

The 14th Annual Webby Award ceremony in New York City

The annual Webby Awards will be held in New York City on June the 14th on the last day of ‘Internet Week’.
The Internets’ highest honour as ‘The New York Times’ names it, is the leading international award honouring the best on the internet, including websites, blogs, interactive advertising, online film and video and mobile websites.
This year will be the 14th ceremony, and there’s a lot of different categories, for instance a mobile category like ‘Best use of GPS or location technology’, ‘Best Mobile Entertainment’ or ‘ Social Networking’, ‘Best Business Blog’, ‘Best cultural blog’ and much more.
Academy members will select the winners and announce them during the ceremony. Webby Awards winners are asked to make five-word acceptance speeches.
The major nominees are Twitter, Mashable,, flickr, Vimeo, among many more…

In the meantime, you can vote in the People’s Voice Awards until April 29, you just need to register and make your opinion a vote. You’re just a click away!

Happy Birthday Flickr !

We’ve only just packed away the balloons from Facebooks birthday yet it’s time for another birthday celebration, this time in the form of Flickr.

5 years ago Yahoo acquired it and now Flickr definitely stands as one of the most successful companies.

Thanks to you sharing pictures and videos with our friends has become real fun and it feels like being part of a community.

So thank you Flickr for being part of our lives and Happy Birthday!

Is it worth the Buzz?

Google have decided to venture into Social Networks with the creation of Google Buzz which has set the world wide web, well, a buzz with talk of how this could be the next big thing.

So what’s the big deal? Basically you can automatically follow the people you normally email and chat with the most in Gmail. You’ll be able to publish your ideas to the world or just to your closest friends, it’s your call. And any comments you receive will be sent directly to your inbox so you can’t miss them. You also have thumbnails with each post and you can browse full screen pictures from websites and import stuff from your Twitter, Google reader, Flickr and Picasa accounts. All of the updates are real time and of course Buzz recommends the most interesting things and the ones you should be avoiding.

But let’s be honest, whilst it’s great they’ve chosen to integrate all your favourite social networks into one space, they’ve forgotten one rather important one, Facebook. Will this stand in the way of Googles world domination? Only time will tell!

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