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A new Tetris version and what a version !

Ever wondered how it feels to be a Tetris block?
Well know it’s possible with “First person Tetris“.
When you rotate a block, you rotate the entire game! By the time you think you’ve figured it out, the dizziness begins to set in. It’s quite addictive, if you’re not scared of getting nausea!
This new version is a little more dizzying than the 1980’s version one. The screen rotates 90 degrees every time you rotate a block.

One word of advice, don’t choose “Night Mode” unless you’re feeling particularly brave!


GPS Navigation on your iPhone at a reasonable price !

It’s Christmas soon and you would like to make yourself a little present ?
Well now is the perfect timing since Tom Tom has reduced the price of the US version of their iPhone application by half, to $49.99.
But hurry up, this offer only lasts until December 28th !
Also one of the best GPS tracking applications out there, MotionX GPS 9.0, has also been available at a reduced price of $2.99 throughout December, and the offer’s still there.
Usually those applications are the most expensive ones in the i-Store, Thanks SANTA !!!!!

Facebook with Granular privacy controls… Finally !

Do you remember the open letter of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder we talked about?
Where he mentioned that privacy control settings would be soon modified.
Well today is the day !
As soon as you’ll log in to your account you will have privacy questions to answer.
You will have granular privacy controls for things that you share on the website.
Facebook states: “This feature will enable people to easily select a privacy setting for every post they make at the time they create it”. You can now control everything independently , you can block a person just for one application but also have an application that could be seen by one person as well ! It all depends on what you want !
Finally, recall that regional networks are on the way out.
This should have been done a long time ago, considering the fact that Facebook has more than 350 million users.

Pomplamoose, a successful digital music band !!

If you are a regular youtube user, you must have heard about Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte.
They cover famous songs by playing and singing all the parts themselves and then cutting them together into videos. Some of their videos have millions of views on Youtube.
They have been contacted by a lot of major labels but they just want to stay independent. Apparently they’re making a living out of it without even having a physical CD.
After discovering them I just wish they did !!

Google Wave opens up to one Million Users

Hearing us talking about Google Wave certainly got you all excited !
Well today is your lucky day since Google decided to play Santa with Wave invites. It has just doled out significantly more invites to existing users.
The title of their post suggestively hints that “a million stamps” have been licked, which we take to mean that they’ve now opened up Google Wave to a million users.
I am pleased to know that today more people will be able to enjoy the amazing use of Google Wave.
I recall that Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos and maps.
So get yourself an invitation and go check it out !!!

mFlow – the future of music?

I must admit I was quite excited when I saw the invite to this in my inbox. mFlow seeks to monetize music by providing a platform to discover new music, whilst legally sharing your favourite tracks, and the best part is you can earn money just by being a member, although sadly it’s currently still in Beta mode and invite only.

Members create a profile and have the option to share their favourite music with their followers. If a user purchases a track then the person who shared the music receives 20% of the revenue.

I’m not sure Steve Jobs has anything to worry about just yet, but it’s definitely an interesting concept, and anything that seeks to provide a legal alternative to piracy is good by me! I just wonder if it’ll catch on?

Is Apple about to go LaLa?

Don’t get all excited yet, for now it’s only a rumour !!
But apparently Apple is close to acquiring Lala, a streaming digital music service with whom you could match the songs on your computer to its catalogue, and add them for free to your online collection. Providing not only a convenient backup source but also access to your library from mobile devices. You can also buy really cheap album streaming, get the web song (unlimited online plays) for 10 cents, or the MP3 download for 79 cents more.

Apple is obviously looking at providing some sort of streaming service to users and eying an additional music model to expand the reach of its iTunes business.
Of course we could ask ourselves why Apple would do that, since iTunes is currently the largest music store and a huge money-maker from digital downloads sales.
One of the reason is that the online music field is constantly changing.
Now everyone is looking for streaming music on the web but also want to share music across social networks.

The only thing to do now is wait and see…

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