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Facebook gets its ‘News Feed’ tech patent

Facebook has announced today that they patented their ‘News Feed’ technology. This news could be real drama for the whole social media industry.

This ‘News Feed’ feature, was first introduce in 2006, it allows users to get live new feeds about their friends activities. Other social networking services also uses that feature under different names though.
The issue here is that now that Facebook has patented the technology, Facebook could ask them to pay a fee or forbid them from using this service.
According to the ‘All Facebook Blog’, the ‘News Feed’ patent also includes feed filters, feed advertising, searching the feed and other services relate to news feeds. It was also reported that the patent document listed the names of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg and other top executives.

Quite big news from Facebook camp, that can’t be good for the other social networks!


Music dominates on Youtube

Who doesn’t take a look at Youtube at least once a day? We all do, it has became a routine, just to check out the latest movie trailer, music video of your favourite band or the daily scoop. Youtube has so many different categories mashed up together that basically any kind of topic can be find.

A study has been made by the research company Sysomos, to know which of the categories is the most watched. Well it appears that Music is the most popular category, accounting for 30.7% of all views on the video service. The music industry might be keen to know that that the main social group embedding video are bloggers aged between 20-35, accounting for 57.3% of all links
Of course this comes after Vevo, Youtube and Google’s premium music video channel.
Another study shows that Universal and Sony delivers an average 30m streams a day in the US.
Moreover earlier this year, comScore said that 92% of Vevo’s 35.4m visitors in December in the US actually came via YouTube rather than through Vevo’s own landing page.

So here are the main content categories on YouTube in order of popularity:

– music (30.7%)

– entertainment videos (14.6%)

– people and blogs (10.77%)

– news and politics (6.7%)

– sports (6.0%)

– comedy (5.2%)

– education (4.1%)

– film (3.6%)

– animation (3.2%)

– how to/style (3.1%)

– science and technology (2.86%)

– other (9.2%)

The 2010 NME Awards

Last night was the annual NME music awards show which took place at the Brixton O2 Academy in London. The lucky ticket owners had the opportunity to see Kasabian, Lilly Allen, The Maccabees and many more perform live.

Kasabian and Muse were the big winners at this year’s NME Awards scooping four prizes between them including best album. The Arctic Monkeys won the Best Live Band award, taking the crown from past winners Muse.
The Big Pink won the best track award with ‘Dominos’ and the Best Dancefloor Filler award went to La Roux for the Skream remix of ‘In for the kill’.
Lady Gaga won an unusual and moreover unexpected kind of award, the Worst Dress Award, yes it does exist. Kind of strange considering she also won Best Dress Award, confusing right?

Quite different from the Brit Awards but still a talent worthy line up which saw an unsurprising collection of winners.

Honda gets “electrified”

The future of vehicles for urban lives has arrived.
Honda will be unveiling its innovative concept at the Geneva Motor Show. They created the Honda 3R-C, it’s a small, zero-emission, three wheels vehicle designed to navigate congested city streets.
It uses an ‘electric powerplant’ that is located close to the ground of the three-wheeler’s chassis to lower the centre of gravity and boost stability.
It was created by Honda’s R&D team in Milan, and the Vespa-filled streets have clearly influenced the vehicle with its open air design and use of motorbike tyres.
The 3R-C concept will be standing to another eco-friendly project at the Geneva Motor show, the EV-N concept, an adorable retro design battery-electric concept.

Honda is producing a large choice of electrical vehicles, concepts coming in soon. They’re definitely aware of the importance of EV’s for our environmental future, and they’re ready for the electric era!

Turn websites into music

Tired of always checking out the same old websites? Want a way to make it a bit more fun?
Well with Codeorgan, a new web application, you can have your favourite sites turned translated into music. Confused??? Well read on!

What it does is analyses the body content of any site and follows an algorithm to determine the key, synth style and drum pattern that fits the site’s page best. You can then play back what your web site would sound like as a piece of music via “Play this website” button.
If you enjoyed the result you can share it the composition on Facebook and Twitter and make your friends wonder what you’ve been up to.

We know this web app is not going to change your life, but it’s worth trying and is just a bit of fun. It will take your mind off things for at least a few minutes in a musical way!
Here is how our Chatterbox blog sounds like:
Your turn!

Twones Music Bar, good news for streaming music

Today, music will be brought to you in total different way. The Music Bar, a reinvention of the Twones service, will offer you the chance to discover, bookmark and share music found on the web. You can download the new service for free, unfortunately only on Firefox for the moment.

Basically Twones scours the internet for you for new music, from myspace, online sites or blogs. And when you’ve found a track you like, you can bookmark it and share it with your friends.
It’s a ‘music discovery engine’ that works to show you every song in context of the site or page its on, giving you further insight into the song, it’s background, artist information, upcoming concerts, tweets etc.
You can also share your music feed, scrobble your online plays to and autopost favorites to Facebook and Twitter.
It’s a social network as well since it works to connect you and your friends through a sidebar that shows what your friends are listening to.
With The Music Bar, Twones effectively turns your browser into one huge music library, with an estimated 70,000 music sources already indexed and growing.

Twones has everything to please you. All of your digital music life stream just in one place!

Twitter’s partnership with Yahoo

Facebook last year, now its Twitter’s turn to partner with Yahoo, the world’s third largest website and second largest search engine.

The integration is very clear. You will be able to access your Twitter feed through Yahoo’s homepage, Yahoo mail and Sport as well. You will also have the option to update tweets from Yahoo directly.
Yahoo, now having full access to Twitter data gives the search engine real-time updates, which will provide freshness and relevancy to the site. The real-time search integration will be available later on tonight or early tomorrow.

With this new partnership, Yahoo search puts itself in line with its competitors, Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. Yahoo is hoping that these moves to build a platform of social networks will make it easier for people to share information and images on Facebook and Twitter without leaving their Web site. And by giving people more reasons to stick around, Yahoo will have more chances to show the Internet ads that generate most of its revenue.

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