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Justin TV unifies with Facebook, MySpace and Twitter

Do you often use Justin TV ?
It’s the leader in live video and the place to broadcast and share video online.
Many social networks these days offer some sort of instant messaging chatting element. The problem is that people are already chatting on a half dozen other services throughout the day. is launching a way to put some of the big ones together on its site.
They’re launching the unified chat option today. It will allow users to bring their Facebook, Myspace and Twitter conversations into Justin.TV. These are then all displayed in a single chat window.
You can now chat on without having to have a account.
By clicking on the “Connect to Facebook”, “Sign in with Twitter”, or “Login with MySpace” buttons, you’ll be able to securely log in to any combination of those services to start chatting right away.
And of course anything you say on your Twitter account will be sent out to that service, which will help promote
Brilliant idea !


Youtube launches its own URL Shortener !

There it is, we had to expect it!
Youtube has just released its URL shortener called “”.
The shortener will only work with YouTube videos, giving it a 100% safety rating.
This will help YouTube videos be noticed and trusted in social networks worldwide.
It will allow developers to do new things: “because the link contains the ID of the video you’re going to see, developers can do interesting things like show you thumbnails, embed the video directly, or track how a video is spreading in real-time”.
To use “” you simply “take a URL like and replace the “” with “” to get: Plug that shorter URL into a browser, and you’ll see it redirects to that video.”
This time could be worried, not like when we previously talked about the release of “” and “” !
Today is different, YouTube has built a brilliant shotener that will save space, boost trust, and will make everything a bit simpler.
Go for it !!

RIP Brittany Murphey ….

Brittany Murphey died yesterday at the age of 32.
She was an American actress and singer. She starred in films such as Clueless, Girl, Interrupted, 8 Mile, Sin City and Riding in Cars with Boys, and performed vocals on a range of films and with dance musician Paul Oakenfold, together garnering a number one dance music hit in the United States in 2006.
Nobody really knows the cause of death. The LA County Coroner and Los Angeles Police Department have reportedly launched an investigation into the actress’s death and an autopsy on her body is expected to be carried out tomorrow.
Apparently she had a life on the edge, she definitely had a drug problem.
I guess this Christmas will not be cheerful for everyone !

Facebook wins: Rage against the machine UK Christmas Number 1

You must have heard of this action, I’m even sure you voted for it. Didn’t you ??
The UK Christmas number 1 is Britain’s most hotly-contested music chart of the year, dominated for the past 4 years by Simon Cowell’s X Factor franchise.
X Factor winner Joe McElderry looked set to take the chart with ease.
But this year was different: web-based groups decided to take action, they created a Facebook page called “Rage against the Machine for Christmas NO.1”.
It reached almost the 1 million fans.
Well last night, the campaign showed how successful it was.
“Killing in the Name sold around 500,000 copies whereas Joe McElderry sold 450,000 copies.
It’s the first UK number one for RATM, and proof that internet campaigns can turn the tables. And sometimes it’s a really good thing !!!

500$ Youtube video gets 30 Million from Hollywood !!!

Unbelievable story !!
Have you seen this 5minute movie video on youtube ?
The film maker lives in Uruguay and he spent $500 do do this movie. The story is just about robots attacking the planet.
He put it on YouTube, and, in response, has now been given 30 million of dollars by a Hollywood production company to do something more significant.
Can you imagine that?
I guess when you’ve got talent its meant to be discovered. launches Bitly.Tv !, as the world’s largest URL shortener and default for Twitter messages, has thousands of links passing through its doors every day. Because of that, it has a great deal of data on what’s hot and what’s popular on the web. Everything worth it goes threw them.
Now that the company realised that they decided to launch their own video program website
that utilizes data to find what videos are going viral on the web.
When you load the interface, it presents you with screens of what videos it has determined are hot right now!
Now you’ve got no more excuses for being unaware of popular things!

Google Earth Comes to Audi A8 !!

Of course, plenty of cars have built-in GPS navigation, nothing that impressive!
But up until now, no car had Google Earth integrated, and now Audi has remedied that with their new luxury car, the Audi A8.
Snugged right into the LCD screen in the car, the Google Earth application will let you look at 3D satellite imagery, terrain information, and even additional info layers such as Wikipedia articles or Panoramio images related to a certain location.
A8’s system will also feature Google Maps and Local Search, plus the ability to link it all with your desktop computer. To save time, you can simply search for an address on your computer and send it to the car; when you start driving, the car will know where to go.
Great news but I’m really sorry to tell you that only german luxury cars will have this option.
The others will have to stick with an iPhone stand and the Google Earth mobile app.
I know mine will !

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