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Youtube launches its own URL Shortener !

There it is, we had to expect it!
Youtube has just released its URL shortener called “”.
The shortener will only work with YouTube videos, giving it a 100% safety rating.
This will help YouTube videos be noticed and trusted in social networks worldwide.
It will allow developers to do new things: “because the link contains the ID of the video you’re going to see, developers can do interesting things like show you thumbnails, embed the video directly, or track how a video is spreading in real-time”.
To use “” you simply “take a URL like and replace the “” with “” to get: Plug that shorter URL into a browser, and you’ll see it redirects to that video.”
This time could be worried, not like when we previously talked about the release of “” and “” !
Today is different, YouTube has built a brilliant shotener that will save space, boost trust, and will make everything a bit simpler.
Go for it !!

Advertisements launches Bitly.Tv !, as the world’s largest URL shortener and default for Twitter messages, has thousands of links passing through its doors every day. Because of that, it has a great deal of data on what’s hot and what’s popular on the web. Everything worth it goes threw them.
Now that the company realised that they decided to launch their own video program website
that utilizes data to find what videos are going viral on the web.
When you load the interface, it presents you with screens of what videos it has determined are hot right now!
Now you’ve got no more excuses for being unaware of popular things!

A Pro url shortening service for

In May 2009 became Twitter’s url shortener of choice which has seen substantial growth in the user base for the service. But now competition has arrived.
First Facebook arrived with “” to share links with others and then Google came out with an url shortener as well “” !
So decided to take a step forward by creating a pro version including “private label” tracking (on your own domain) and greater analytics for the clicks.
This private label pro solution is initially open for a limited number of medium to large publishers and bloggers including MSN, The Huffington Post and The private label solution is aimed at boosting user confidence, with the ultimate destination of a short url which in turn should boost the click rate of the url. So if you click on a link you know it will be going to the New York Times
Boosting the analytics is also a key part of this pro solution offering a dashboard interface more atuned to a web analytics user including real time stats and country of origin clicks.
But the most exciting element is the ability to see more detail on exactly who is clicking on your links !
Good move from but they don’t have to worry.
I don’t think that Twitter would change for another url shortener, since we’ve all been successfully using it for quit a long time now !

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