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Audi A1 and Rolls-Royce launched their iPhone apps

To launch their new car ‘Ghost’ Rolls-Royce has released its iPhone Ghost design app. It’s free and you can design your own ‘Ghost’, choose all the options, the colours, it will be your ‘baby’.
Unveiled last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Ghost is in the line-up of ultra-luxury cars.
Audi launched an iPhone app as well for their new A1. The goal of the app is to collect objects and avoid various obstacles while driving plus piling up bonus points. As for the music inside the game it comes from artists like Torpedo, La Roux, The Rakes and Lo-Fi-Fnk. It’s a game that requires skills, the best drivers are featured on an international high score list. The high scores can be posted on Facebook or Twitter.
It’s definitely an action app compared to the Rolls-Royce one.
Both of the apps are free, so just treat yourself!


Chinese Leaf car cleans air as you drive

Thought you had seen everything regarding electric vehicle’s concepts? No quiet!
The Shanghai automotive industry corporation SAIC, will unveil it ‘Leaf Car’ during next week’s Beijing motor show.
This ambitious project is not scheduled for production for now. This car has been imagined to clean the air as you drive. It uses wind, solar and biological technology to power both of the seats. ‘Photovoltaic conversion cells’ will be the main power of the car. The solar cells on the leaf-shaped roof helps to increase the solar absorption and provide the best energy possible. There is also a microbial fuel cell on board that also charges the lithium-ion batteries.
‘The leaf’ has been designed to imitate plants behaviour while extracting CO2 from the air during photosynthesis.

Even though it’s not suppose to be build, the SAIC has several partnerships, including American car giant General Motors. The ‘car leaf’ could be in our streets sooner that we think!

Ferrari gets in the hybrid movement

Hybrids are everywhere and none more than at the Geneva Motor show, where most of the major brands were showing their new hybrid technology. But who would have thought that sports and luxury cars would start to play the hybrid ‘game’ as well?
After Porsche releasing their competition hybrid car, there were no surprise when Ferrari released its own at the Geneva Show as well.
Ferrari unveiled a hybrid version of its 599 GTB Fiorano, it uses the similar system utilised in their F1 car for the 2009 F1 season, the KERS system, an energy recovery system, except here it’s the HY-KERS. The system works by storing energy in lithium ion batteries recovering during braking. It works on a four-wheel drive hybrid drivetrain with an electric motor that puts out a rock crushing 100 hp.

Rumour has it that Maserati has plans to develop its hybrid model as well. One question remains though, will Lamborghini resist the hybrid movement?

Toyota uses Twitter to get more sales

We all remember the fact that recently Toyota have had to recall in excess of 270,000 of their 2010 Prius hybrids due to a fault with the cars antilock braking system. After these issues Toyota has seen their reputation and their sales going down.

To make up for that and their image, they have decided to use Twitter to reach consumers in a more personal and direct way and make them change their opinions about things or at least try. The Japanese auto giant has launched a branded channel on TweetMeme, in partnership with Federated Media, which aggregates and organize Twitter conversations regarding Toyota. Called Toyota Conversations, the site brings together the top stories being Tweeted about Toyota, from news articles to press releases. The site also shows visitors the most popular videos and images being shared about Toyota on Twitter. It’s funny to see that it’s only positives tweets and good news about the car brand.

What’s amazing is that Twitter has become such a big thing in people’s life that now even brands uses Twitter to get even more awareness and acknowledge.

Scion’s new car campaign gets into your Facebook

Scion is a marque of vehicles produced by Toyota Motor Corporation. To develop awareness of their new limited edition TC series 6.0, they created a social media campaign.

On Scion’s website you have the option of connecting directly via your Facebook account, then all of your items of your news feed are pulled together to create a video.
This makes for a fun, personalised experience. Everyone with a Facebook can do it. It’s something quite unusual that can be easily shared with friends and distributed virally. You’re just a click away.

Is this campaign going to make you buy this car? Not so sure about that, but a least now you’re aware of the brand!

Honda gets “electrified”

The future of vehicles for urban lives has arrived.
Honda will be unveiling its innovative concept at the Geneva Motor Show. They created the Honda 3R-C, it’s a small, zero-emission, three wheels vehicle designed to navigate congested city streets.
It uses an ‘electric powerplant’ that is located close to the ground of the three-wheeler’s chassis to lower the centre of gravity and boost stability.
It was created by Honda’s R&D team in Milan, and the Vespa-filled streets have clearly influenced the vehicle with its open air design and use of motorbike tyres.
The 3R-C concept will be standing to another eco-friendly project at the Geneva Motor show, the EV-N concept, an adorable retro design battery-electric concept.

Honda is producing a large choice of electrical vehicles, concepts coming in soon. They’re definitely aware of the importance of EV’s for our environmental future, and they’re ready for the electric era!

Jaguar’s new XKR Coupe

Luxury, high-development, speed and curves are the key words on the 80th International Motor Show in Geneva starting on the 4th of march, until the 10th.

We already know that Porsche is launching it’s hybrid racing car at the show, but there are so many others exciting new cars releases.
For instance, Jaguar has announced the launch of their new XKR Coupe, its fastest ever XK.
A Speed Pack can be added to it which produces a whopping 174 mph, which is electronically limited. The aerodynamics of the car have also been changed to enhance performance which now include a new front aero splitter, a larger rear spoiler to hold it to the road and re-profiled Active Differential Control to handle the new top speed. Even the steering wheel has been adjusted for ease of use to cope with the XKRs awesome speed!

All sounds very technical, but by the looks of it, we think it will be a machine to equal the top luxury super cars around.

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