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Samsung and Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

Remember Samsungs viral videos for their sponsorship deal for the 2010 winter olympics ?

Well the show is definitely not over. However this time it’s all about Snowboard Basketball and epic boxing ice tricks.

Still as engaging and amazing!


Viral video leads to Grammy performance

Performing at the Grammys is a dream for many, however I doubt Butch Walker expected his cover of Taylor Swifts hit tune “You Belong With Me” to land him a spot alongside the songstress at this years event.

It seems that back in November, Butch, who was originally in the rock band Marvelous 3, decided to record a cover version of the hit song after asking his Twitter fans for suggestions.

The musician then created a “making of” video — complete with pee breaks and subtitles — which became such a huge hit that in a just two days Taylor Swift caught wind of the cover and tweeted enthusiastically, “@butchwalker covered You Belong With Me and I’m losing my MIND listening to it! Blown away.”

This just goes to show the extent of social media’s ability to both bring people together and to foster creativity.

I don’t care what you say, I still love my tiara wearing, beauty pageant phone!

I absolutely love this video right now. The latest Droid advert from Motorola and Verizon takes a swipe at the iPhone by asking “Should a phone be pretty?”. Well I don’t know about you, but I quite like my phone being pretty and I certainly wouldn’t say it’s digitally clueless!

Still the video made me giggle.

You’ve heard the music, now see the film…..kinda!

Ok, you’ve got me, it’s not actually the DVD in it’s entirety due to certain restrictions imposed by iTunes, however you can now download the individual videos from ‘Journey to a Different State of Mind’.

The DVD was a huge hit when first released, featuring not only music, but also videos created by Paul Hardcastle. And now you can have you’re own piece of the action in digital bite sized chunks, perfect for watching whilst on the move. And who doesn’t want a taste of Paul Hardcastle wherever they go?

To take your own journey just click on the links below.

Constellation of Dreams

Dancing Lights

Emerald Stardust

Journey of The Lost Tribes

Kaliedoscope Bass

Through the Looking Glass

Paul Hardcastle – Behind the Scenes

As most of you know I was in the studio last week working on some really interesting stuff. A lot of what we worked on was filmed so I have decided to put together a behind the scenes video for everyone who follows the Chatterbox blogs, so you can watch me work my magic ha-ha!

I’m just editing the footage and then i’ll upload the first bit soon.

Paul Hardcastle

Samsung Mobile Explorers expect the unexpected

These viral-intended videos tie in nicely with Samsung’s sponsorship deal for the 2010 winter olympics which are being held in Vancouver.

But are they unexpected enough?

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