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Toyota uses Twitter to get more sales

We all remember the fact that recently Toyota have had to recall in excess of 270,000 of their 2010 Prius hybrids due to a fault with the cars antilock braking system. After these issues Toyota has seen their reputation and their sales going down.

To make up for that and their image, they have decided to use Twitter to reach consumers in a more personal and direct way and make them change their opinions about things or at least try. The Japanese auto giant has launched a branded channel on TweetMeme, in partnership with Federated Media, which aggregates and organize Twitter conversations regarding Toyota. Called Toyota Conversations, the site brings together the top stories being Tweeted about Toyota, from news articles to press releases. The site also shows visitors the most popular videos and images being shared about Toyota on Twitter. It’s funny to see that it’s only positives tweets and good news about the car brand.

What’s amazing is that Twitter has become such a big thing in people’s life that now even brands uses Twitter to get even more awareness and acknowledge.


Scion’s new car campaign gets into your Facebook

Scion is a marque of vehicles produced by Toyota Motor Corporation. To develop awareness of their new limited edition TC series 6.0, they created a social media campaign.

On Scion’s website you have the option of connecting directly via your Facebook account, then all of your items of your news feed are pulled together to create a video.
This makes for a fun, personalised experience. Everyone with a Facebook can do it. It’s something quite unusual that can be easily shared with friends and distributed virally. You’re just a click away.

Is this campaign going to make you buy this car? Not so sure about that, but a least now you’re aware of the brand!

There’s no stopping the Toyota Prius……literally!

It’s a good job the Toyota Prius is helping stall damage to the environment as there’s very little else it’s good at stopping right now, itself included!

It is estimated that Toyota officials have had to recall in excess of 270,000 of their 2010 Prius hybrids due to a fault with the cars antilock braking system. Whilst Toyota is the worlds largest car manufacturer, this second safety scare can’t be doing too much for their reputation, especially when they previously had to recall millions of their vehicles due to an accelerator fault.

Hopefully Toyota can get themselves back on track before the birth of baby Prius

It’s a baby……..Prius that is!

Toyota, the company that made “hybrid” a buzz word amongst the environmentally conscious unveiled the new FT-CH at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

Whilst still just a concept, it is clear that the FT-CH which stands for Future Toyota Compact Hybrid is in essence just a smaller and cooler version of the Prius. Coming in at a massive 22 inches shorter than the current Prius, this car will be ideal for nipping around the city.

Design wise it’s taken inspiration from the “8-bit generation” harking back to the days of the Nintendo NES when the Mario Brothers were nothing more than pixilated blobs dancing around the screen. Very retro!

Toyota have said they aim to sell a million hybrids a year over the course of the first half of the decade, and with this little addition to the family in sight, I can’t see why they won’t.

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