A social networking TV reality show

After Pop Idol and So you Think you can dance, Simon Fuller is on for another TV reality show and quite an ambitious one. This time entertainment impresario Simon Fuller produced a social networking TV reality show.

At first it seems like an ordinary TV reality show, five random people aspiring to be stars will be tracked and filmed 24/7 in a Hollywood house. There will be weekly episodes shown on Hulu.com starting tomorrow.
The social network aspect comes into it’s own as it will be streamed live at ificandream.com giving followers the chance to win a place on the show via a public vote and an open worldwide audition.
The audition is not all part of the social networking strategy, the concept is meant to become a blogging mainstay, disseminated trough Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and uploaded on mobiles.
The show will attempt to be fully interactive by allowing participants to communicate and make decisions with the audience.

‘If I can dream’ is the first reality TV show to hit the social networking era.
By doing that, Simon’s goal is to show the truth to the public by pushing the boundaries of mainstream entertainment. But is it really possible to tell the truth from a TV reality show? Only time will tell us if Cowell’s vision was good!


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