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Chinese Leaf car cleans air as you drive

Thought you had seen everything regarding electric vehicle’s concepts? No quiet!
The Shanghai automotive industry corporation SAIC, will unveil it ‘Leaf Car’ during next week’s Beijing motor show.
This ambitious project is not scheduled for production for now. This car has been imagined to clean the air as you drive. It uses wind, solar and biological technology to power both of the seats. ‘Photovoltaic conversion cells’ will be the main power of the car. The solar cells on the leaf-shaped roof helps to increase the solar absorption and provide the best energy possible. There is also a microbial fuel cell on board that also charges the lithium-ion batteries.
‘The leaf’ has been designed to imitate plants behaviour while extracting CO2 from the air during photosynthesis.

Even though it’s not suppose to be build, the SAIC has several partnerships, including American car giant General Motors. The ‘car leaf’ could be in our streets sooner that we think!


Ferrari gets in the hybrid movement

Hybrids are everywhere and none more than at the Geneva Motor show, where most of the major brands were showing their new hybrid technology. But who would have thought that sports and luxury cars would start to play the hybrid ‘game’ as well?
After Porsche releasing their competition hybrid car, there were no surprise when Ferrari released its own at the Geneva Show as well.
Ferrari unveiled a hybrid version of its 599 GTB Fiorano, it uses the similar system utilised in their F1 car for the 2009 F1 season, the KERS system, an energy recovery system, except here it’s the HY-KERS. The system works by storing energy in lithium ion batteries recovering during braking. It works on a four-wheel drive hybrid drivetrain with an electric motor that puts out a rock crushing 100 hp.

Rumour has it that Maserati has plans to develop its hybrid model as well. One question remains though, will Lamborghini resist the hybrid movement?

Porsche launches a competition hybrid car

Hybrids are everywhere, we are now all aware of the importance of having eco-friendly technology for the future of our planet. And hybrids are a good step in the right direction. Less pollution, less emissions. A lot of people have hybrids nowadays, for everyday life.

But who would have thought that Porsche would create a competition-calibre hybrid car?
Well now they have! It will be called the 911 GT3 R Hybrid and they will be unveiling it at the Geneva Motor Show in March before taking it to Nordschleife of the Nurburgring for a 24hr race!

The system used in the Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid is completely different from the conventional hybrid systems. The front axle has two electric motors, and an electrical flywheel power generator installed inside next to the driver, it spins up to 40,000 rpm while it mechanically stores energy and also works as an electric motor. Enough tech talk, high powered eco-hybrids are developing at such a rate that even racing developers are starting to get involve in the eco-friendly spirit.

Maybe it won’t be too long before we see this kind of automotive technology used in Formula 1!

Puma launches an eco friendly mobile

Who would have ever thought of that? Puma is launching their own mobile in partnership with Sagem.
They’re presenting it at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and it actually has potential.

In todays world with its environmental concerns, the “Puma Phone” comes out in a time where people are looking to embrace any ‘green’ technology. Puma actually got that point where the main feature of the mobile is it charges up utilising the power of the sun.
It works with a large integrated solar cell charger which is on the back of the mobile, it also has a charge indicator which lets you know when you need to go fetch some sun!
Of course it has a couple of sport, fitness related apps, such as the pedometer, GPS tracker, compass, GPS bike speedo and stopwatch.
The audio player is quite handy too, since it tells you how many songs you’ll be able to listen to before you need to let your phone sunbath.

It’s more of a fun mobile, easy to use and maybe the pioneer for green mobiles. Only 45 days more to wait.

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