Sharing personal information – the next step!

    Launched in October 2009 the site asks it’s members to announce when, where and in which position they have just had sex in.

    At the last count there had been 138,960 declarations of love on the ‘Love Counter’.

    The site essentially uses google maps to plot love making around the world. They pictorially help their members to plot their love making, even asking whether it was indoors or outdoors.

    There is a forum on the site listing topics such as flirting, sex problems, fetishes and other topics of that general ilk.

    Their logo consists of a blue and a pink bunny having sex however you can choose to plot gay, lesbian or hetrosexual sex on the love map.

    You can also find them on twitter and can get apps for the iphone and for android.

    Do you dare to share? Oo er missus!


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