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Twones Music Bar, good news for streaming music

Today, music will be brought to you in total different way. The Music Bar, a reinvention of the Twones service, will offer you the chance to discover, bookmark and share music found on the web. You can download the new service for free, unfortunately only on Firefox for the moment.

Basically Twones scours the internet for you for new music, from myspace, online sites or blogs. And when you’ve found a track you like, you can bookmark it and share it with your friends.
It’s a ‘music discovery engine’ that works to show you every song in context of the site or page its on, giving you further insight into the song, it’s background, artist information, upcoming concerts, tweets etc.
You can also share your music feed, scrobble your online plays to and autopost favorites to Facebook and Twitter.
It’s a social network as well since it works to connect you and your friends through a sidebar that shows what your friends are listening to.
With The Music Bar, Twones effectively turns your browser into one huge music library, with an estimated 70,000 music sources already indexed and growing.

Twones has everything to please you. All of your digital music life stream just in one place!


Let your iTunes library be Spotify(ied) !!

How about that ?
You don’t have to wait for Apple streaming anymore !
A newly launched service enables you to access most of your tunes via Spotify.
Spotifitunes lets you upload your iTunes database from your PC or Mac to its website.
It then immediately presents you with a summary of your collection, brought alphabetically by genre, artist and album.
It’s really easy you just have to select any artist or album and, provided you have Spotify installed on you Mac or PC, it will immediately find the album or all songs by the artist from Spotify and there you go.
Isn’t that awesome?
Now even if you don’t have your computer with you, you can always connect to your iTunes library from anywhere !
Of course, varying licensing arrangements mean that not all of the albums and artists listed in your iTunes library have their content available via Spotify, but still it’s surprising just how well the service works across most of your music collection.

Youtube and Universal launching a new music video website

Tonight’s the night to be in New York City !!!
Big launching party for youtube.
Tonight Youtube and Universal are launching their music video website in partnership with VEVO.
It turns out that some 85% of the music videos that are on YouTube will be hosted via VEVO. Sadly, for all the cinematography fans, VEVO will not be launching with HD video, that will be coming next year.
The service, to build buzz will be launching with exclusives from 50 Cent, and Mariah Carey. VEVO will be fully built into YouTube, so that when you search for an artist on YouTube, VEVO content will appear.
For now this new YouTube-powered website dedicated to music videos will only be in the US, but be patient it should arrive in the UK soon !!!

Is Apple about to go LaLa?

Don’t get all excited yet, for now it’s only a rumour !!
But apparently Apple is close to acquiring Lala, a streaming digital music service with whom you could match the songs on your computer to its catalogue, and add them for free to your online collection. Providing not only a convenient backup source but also access to your library from mobile devices. You can also buy really cheap album streaming, get the web song (unlimited online plays) for 10 cents, or the MP3 download for 79 cents more.

Apple is obviously looking at providing some sort of streaming service to users and eying an additional music model to expand the reach of its iTunes business.
Of course we could ask ourselves why Apple would do that, since iTunes is currently the largest music store and a huge money-maker from digital downloads sales.
One of the reason is that the online music field is constantly changing.
Now everyone is looking for streaming music on the web but also want to share music across social networks.

The only thing to do now is wait and see…

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