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Your online fashion detector !

Ok we already thought that shopping online through Facebook was quite nice but this new service is really unbelievable.
Westfield London mall has created a tool that can identify clothes or products from online photos, cell phone photos and then tell you in which store you could buy the same product. It first recognise from who the clothe is from and then directs you to the nearest shop where you can purchase it.
If you love the dress that this girl is wearing in front of you just take a picture of her (discretely of course) and then use the mobile app to have the same results.
It’s really a great service but apparently we’re going to have to wait a bit longer, because it’s doesn’t seem to be available online for now.
You could watch the demo for now though!


Win Tickets to The Boodles Tennis Challenge 2010

Have you heard of ‘The Boodles Challenge’ ?
It’s the annual tennis summer event, it’s a social gathering and Wimbledon’s warm-up!
It takes place in Stoke Park from the 15th of June to the 19th. As favourite for Wimbledon hopefuls, ‘The Boodles’ has attracted the biggest names from the world of tennis, including Andre Agassi, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. 2009 saw Jo Wilfried Tsonga (Australian Open Finalist) exciting the crowds and commenting, ‘Before Wimbledon it’s about hard work on court and relaxation off it, the Boodles is perfect for both’.
You don’t want to miss that event, be part of this special event and enjoy the early summer while watching the biggest players play, book now!

You also win tickets, on Jaguar Academy of Sport’s website, by joining their prize draw.

Foursquare is becoming more precise…

Foursquare the location-based social networking website is making a few updates just for you!

They are making the choices of ‘Places’ you have when you load the mobile app, more relevant. They announced this morning that their algorithms for serving up this data will be improved, taking into account things like time of day, proximity, and popularity of the venue in determining which places to show you.
These changes are a response to the rapid growth of the service and user behavior, some of which Foursquare probably didn’t anticipate back when they laid the groundwork for their app.

Audi A1 and Rolls-Royce launched their iPhone apps

To launch their new car ‘Ghost’ Rolls-Royce has released its iPhone Ghost design app. It’s free and you can design your own ‘Ghost’, choose all the options, the colours, it will be your ‘baby’.
Unveiled last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Ghost is in the line-up of ultra-luxury cars.
Audi launched an iPhone app as well for their new A1. The goal of the app is to collect objects and avoid various obstacles while driving plus piling up bonus points. As for the music inside the game it comes from artists like Torpedo, La Roux, The Rakes and Lo-Fi-Fnk. It’s a game that requires skills, the best drivers are featured on an international high score list. The high scores can be posted on Facebook or Twitter.
It’s definitely an action app compared to the Rolls-Royce one.
Both of the apps are free, so just treat yourself!

Let Twitter Trends Map show you what the world is talking about

What are people are talking about in other countries, what are their main topics?
It’s always nice to know what’s happening outside our culture. Well Bing, Microsoft’s web search engine has developed a service for that. It’s Mashable’s ‘Twitter Trends Map’. The map tells you in real-time the top ten most tweeted topics in major cities, in US and internationally.
It’s easy, just type the name of the city you’re interested in, and let the map do the rest.
So now you have no more excuses for not knowing what’s popular in San Francisco or Madrid.

Our local trends right now in London are Election, Cleggmania, #hungparliament, #ukelection2010, #ukvote.
What a surprise!

Follow the UK Election online as it happens

Today is polling day, stay constantly updated until the results by following the election online.

We already mention the fact that this election is UK’s first ‘social media election’. But today some other features have been added. You can tell your friends you’ve voted by pushing the ‘ I voted’ button on Facebook. A counter is also there to track how many users have voted. The Guardian is using a Twitter mashup to plot votes on a map. People when they voted just have to tweet about it the #UKvote hashtag.
When the voting’s over, you’ll have to find out who won, right? Well you could go on to see what the crowdsourced results say or you can see a broader view of the BBC’s election coverage here.
You can also get the results with ‘The Election 2010’ iPhone app that will give you live election results as they come in through the night.

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