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Picasa now has Twitter, Google Buzz and Blogger sharing

Google’s photo sharing platform Picasa has made a couple of updates today.
The new Picasa will now allow visitors and album owners to share photos with friends on different social networks. Now while you’re looking a photo album, you will also see three new sharing options, Twitter, Google Buzz and Blogger. You just have to click one of the icons and the selected photo or album will be shared to one of the chosen social network.
That’s a really good update but not unique, Flickr users have had Twitter functionality and a URL shortener for quite a long time now.


Sky News switches to HD

Soon your news channel will appear much clearer.
Sky will begin to broadcast its news channel in HD after next week’s General Election. It could be taken as a sort of welcoming present to the new Prime Minister!
From 9pm on election day, thursday 6 May, Sky News will be then broadcast in high definition, completing the networks HD coverage of all Sky’s TV brands entertainment, sport and film.
The Sky News studio has been totally redone to support the HD filming. Viewers will experience the channel for the first time during the election coverage with a special show called ‘Decision Time’.
Your Sky News HD will be broadcast on Sky channel 517, while the standard definition channel remains on channel 501.

Steve Jobs tells us what he thinks of Flash..

Steve Jobs finally gives real answers to people’s questions.
HE has posted a long open letter on Flash, listing all the reasons why Apple has decided not to support it on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
In short, Steve Jobs claims Flash drains the battery of mobile devices, he says it’s not very good for multi-touch operation. Its performance, reliability and security are not really reliable. It’s also a proprietary system, and while Jobs admits that their mobile OS is also proprietary, he claims that web standards should be open, like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. He concluded his letter by saying that Flash is a relic. “Flash was created during the PC era for PCs’.
Here is the link to the letter, it’s very interesting.

BBC streaming leader debate on Facebook!

Tonight BBC will stream the expected live political leader’s debate on Facebook. It’s the first time for the broadcaster. CNN was first to partner with Facebook to provide live streaming of Barack Obama’s inauguration.
The debate will also be streamed live on it’s website.
The BBC’s political correspondents will also provide updates via Twitter during the debate, and users can give their reactions live.
The BBC will provide an embed code which will open up the debate for third-party sites to stream, as Sky did last week.
Don’t miss out!

Win a pair of Jimmy Choo by using Foursquare!

Jimmy Choo is running a real-time treasure hunt around London, using location-based social media tool Foursquare.
Get prepared, over the next few weeks, a single pair of trainers from the new Jimmy Choo trainer range will check in fashionable, trendy hangouts around London. It will send real-time updates about its whereabouts. ‘The Pair’ will only stay for a few minutes, the lucky person who reaches the venue in time to catch the trainers will win a pair in their size.
It’s the first time that Jimmy Choo uses a social media tool to engage its audience. Quite a smart campaign though!

So hurry up, login to Foursquare and join the trainer hunt otherwise you can always stay updated on Twitter and Facebook.

Online shopping becomes social with Facebook

Have you heard of ‘Adgregate Markets’? It’s a transactional advertising network.
It has just extended it’s e-commerce technology to Facebook with the launch of a social shopping app called ‘ShopFans’. This app allows retailers to set up a storefront on the social network, it allows consumers to purchase anything they want and make secure transactions straight on Facebook. Consumers can also post news feed stories promoting the brand by ‘Wish lists’ ‘I want this’ ‘Likes’ ‘Shout outs’.
This new feature adds a social element to shopping. Users can promote and share the brand’s message and products on Facebook, creating a viral advertising channel. Shoppers can share product ‘Likes’, share recent purchases with friends, rate and review products and receive “fan-only” special promotional deals from ShopFans’ storefront’s sales.

It’s exactly what Levi’s did with its online store. The only difference is they created their online social shopping platform without using ‘Adgregate Markets’.

Spotify goes social with Facebook

Starting today Spotify is going social. It’s creating a true social network inside the Spotify service by integrating Facebook connect features.
Spotify users will now be able to connect to their Facebook page and import friends from their profile who are also registered as Spotify users. Connected friends will become visible in the Spotify browser.
It will also synchronise your existing music collection with your Spotify account. Users will also have an inbox to which tracks can be dragged and dropped for recommendation. Songs appear in the inbox and can then be clicked and streamed by the user whose inbox they have been dropped to. The quick link sharing, drag and drop inbox is faster and simpler than the previous sharing options via URL link. A band could for example announce a new playlist of tracks from their Facebook page and fans can immediately subscribe to that playlist and spread news of the playlist. The new library feature is very good as well because now Spotify becomes a music management platform, in the way you can put all of your music in one place.

That’s a lot of new features Spotify, thank you!

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